Nov 4 2009

some of my reasons.

DSC_5492-anesti.orgThis post is a tribute to my man. My hero. My love. I know you ask me everyday, why I love you. As if it isn’t evident through the blush and tears. Here, My love, are some of the reasons why I pick you.


Nov 1 2009

be centered, or be spackle

As I sit straddling the wheel forming clay into what prayerfully will become a pot, I contemplate on how Christ has this position in my life. In Jeremiah 18:6 the Lord declares that we are like clay in the hand of the potter, and again in Isaiah 64:8; we are the clay, you are the potter – Lord ; we are all the work of your hand.

To allow the Lord to work in our lives we must be compliant, we must move in his hands the way that he puts pressure for us to move, we must mold our lives into the shape that he creates. As he makes grooves we must allow him to cut out of our lives the hindrances and distractions of which he does not approve. He wants to fire us so that we are permanently bound into the vessel that he has shaped. He paints a gaze over us, that is our talents, the bright and shining endowments from him, everyone has a different glaze, a different texture, shape, and style. Yet, each one was sculpted so carefully and precise as he poured his life and love into each creation.

But, the most often forgotten specification is the most important of all, we must be centered on the wheel, we must dedicate our lives to him. Let him put us at the center, where we are spinning around in his grace and love. If we are not centered on him, centered on that wheel, all we will ever be is spackle on the wall.

The Lord wants to mold you into a earthen pot, a jar of clay, into which he can pour his love so that we overflow. He wants us to give our lives to him, as to allow him to create in us a life that is glorifying of the work that he did to create it. He loves you. He yearns for you. He wants you to be the clay in his hands that he creates into a beautiful vessel for his love. Allow him to do so. Allow him to be the center, to knead the hindrances out of your life, to mold you into a vessel, to shave the bulges from the clay, to fire you into what you were made to be, to glaze you with your talents, and to fill you in an abundance with his love.

The Christian walk is

Oct 30 2009

today is a new day.

So many things on my mind today, and right now, I sure don’t like it. Last night was a struggle for me, and its only the beginning. I need change. I don’t want to change. But I sure need it. Its hard. It always is, isn’t it? I guess I just really need to shapeuporshipout, to put it bluntly. Confrontation sucks. It seriously gives me an asthma attack just thinking about it. But body is revolted by the fact that someone (or many people) think what they do. And its all my fault. I put myself into this hole, and now that people notice, I just keep digging. suck.

I have been digging myself into this hole for the past 10 years of my life. I thought that I was strong enough to quit whenever I wanted. I went into remission for a few months at a time, but the moment a big stressor came up, I would lapse back into these habits. I am battling. I won’t give up, I can’t. I want to survive, I do. I feel fat. I can’t see past that when I look in the mirror. Or when I

Oct 29 2009

be kind.

I ran across this postsecret today, It really seems to hit me.

Oct 27 2009

i’m great in bed

i can sleep for days.

I recently have re-entered this phase of my life that I can not function without, say 10 hours of sleep. Without it, I seriously, sit doubtfound yawning, shaking, practically revolted by the insane fact that I probably sleep more than my newest little nephew. (shout out for little Theo!) but back to my story. I literally have no energy without massive amounts of sleep, I have even taken a liking to afternoon naps. Pathetic right? What am I, FOUR?!

see? I worked hard.

see? I worked hard.

Yesterday, the man & I raked a friends yard. And by we, I (mostly) mean he. And by raked, I mean I used the leaf blower & held the bag, and looked pretty. (I did actually do about 15 minutes of it before he took over with the rake – just that alone winded me) I am so useful, I know. But hey, someone has to hold the bag & make measly attempts to squash the leaves. Right?

Now, if it was my yard, things would probably pan out like this: