Aug 5 2010

july’s whirlwind

Wow. How on earth has July passed us by already?! Its seriously the fourth of August? When + how did that happen? It feels like it should still be the beginning of June. But alas, the month of July has strolled on by leaving a whirlwind of debris in its path.My birthday has came + past, I don’t feel any older… As I am sure you all have noticed, I am long overdue on a blog update! So… lets get rolling… shall we?

Alright: July – where do I even start? My sweet fiance became a first time car owner! Take a look at this beauty! The lavish {utes} red 2010 Toyota Corolla S, became property of this dear man… trust me, ladies, I tried to get him to buy a volvo to no avail…

We have placed the deposit down on our wedding venue + have nailed down the key aspects of the Wedding; including – The photographer, The pastor, + The food. Yay! Now if only we could narrow down all of the centerpiece ideas + decide on ONE… 262 days!!!!!! :D

For the 4th 3rd, Sawyer + I joined my parents up in Park City to watch the fireworks. {if you haven’t caught on… Utah is ridiculous about holidays if they land on a Sunday, and will celebrate them on Saturday/and or Monday}. It was so insanely cold up the canyon that we had to buy blankets because with the gusty winds it was in the low 60’s buy 9pm. Here are some shots from the festivities.

The following weekend, we were able to meet up with some fellow photog friends to do a shoot downtown of some urban nightlife. My camera didn’t work with their lighting set up, so aside from being the “gel changer” assistant, I spent a lot of time in front of the camera… We met a man who ran a business off of his bike called “ice-pop cycles” and had the yummiest coconut ice-pop’s! For only a dollar. A must buy if you ever run into him. Here are some shots from that evening.

We went to see Inception too! Three word. Oh My Wow. Mind blown. Insanely good movie. You all NEED to see it as soon as you get a chance! P.S. Leo is sooo not aging gracefully… sorry buddy, you are just not a hollywood hottie anymore… boo.

Over my birthday weekend, yay 23! {And no, I really don’t feel older…} Soy-man, my parents + I hoped in the car + took a mini road trip up to Idaho Falls, for the Blue Angels airshow. It had been far too many years since I have seen one of their shows… exhibits… what-not. Coming from a person who has not burned in years. Years I tell you… I was crispy upon return home… amazing what high elevation + standing on blacktop all day will do to us pale skins. No fun. Sawyer had never been to an airshow before so it was fun to watch his exuberance + excitement of being able to touch a WWII era plane + watching them fly. I have a feeling it will be the beginning of many airshow vacations with my parents in the years to come! Here are some shots from that adventure!

I promise I will try harder to keep ya’ll updated on the adventures of Augustus!

Jul 11 2010


As of late, I have become obsessed with theknot + oncewed, wedding websites. These websites have encouraged the creation of a “inspiration board”. And finally, the berage of photos from my “naughty” file have been given the chance to become of real use outside of my mac. These are just some of the ideas that we really enjoy + hope to be able to incorperate into our wedding. Stay tuned to see!

Apr 19 2010

break’n down

This week has been crazy with a capital “C”. We have feel in love with locations, we have been disappointed by locations, we have gathered more ideas for locations. We have worked on the budget break down. We have worked on the small detail breakdowns – from “to do” lists, to beginning guest lists, to every single question we could think of to grill a wedding planner. We have broken down dates of conflicts between family + peers. We have emotionally broken down.

This past week, we have looked into + at The Point @ Huntsman, Heritage Gardens, Red Butte Gardens, Thanksgiving Point,. + The Depot. Every place has their pros + cons – some completely outweighing the others + some very medial ones. We’ve analyzed dates, the pro’s and con’s of waiting further (kill me now) or sticking with our predetermined date (most likely). We’ve tracked down every family members academic calendar for the 2010-2011 school year… Part of me is ready to throw in the towel + say “city hall it is!” which I know I will regret forever. I know it. But man, is every couples wedding planning this emotionally draining?

In the middle of all of my stress Sawyer’s ever-so-sweet ocd accountant sister-in-law sent me the most amazing-est extreme ocd excel file that didn’t even compare to anything I had previously created. Man, E – sweets, you are a lifesaver + really should try to market that spreadsheet!

Seriously, this is the spreadsheet that makes dweebus ocd  excel goddesses drool. It, honestly, puts every other spreadsheet in my life to shame. Yep, that amazing. It sure brightened my day/week/month/life to receive…

Well… Until next time… thanks for stopping by for another webisode in the adventures of wedding planning.

Stay classy San Diego Salt Lake City.

Apr 15 2010

consistently inconsistent.

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the wedding. I have to face (and confess) it at some point – I am not a very consistent person, as a rule. I know I’m given to spurts of blogginess, but really, it shouldn’t surprise you when you see 3 blog posts in a day, or even when a month has gone by and I haven’t blogged a peep. Which is odd for me in some sense, because I am usually* (disclaimer) highly consistent in everything else in my life – I live on a schedule, a very scattered one albeit, but a structured schedule, the majority of the time doing the same thing, the same days, every week, month, moon cycle, year… etc, whatever. You get the point? My office is immaculate, everything has its place + if its moved, I can spot it from a mile away. My office is completely sprayed down with lysol when I come in for the morning + when I leave for the afternoon. I always do my laundry on Mondays, but somehow it never really makes its way to my closet, and ends up sitting in the basket until next Monday rolls around… and you all can guess where it goes then. My room tends to be a disaster zone relating something to that of the aftermath of Katrina or 9/11, well at least the 2 feet surrounding the end of my bed + my nightstand of course. I guess, OCD (or CDO – compulsive disorders of obsessions – for those who just cant stand the letters being out of order) just doesn’t mix well with ADD… or a busy life.

Do you relate? … or are you one of those consistent/disciplined/organized people? If so, kudos to you. I can’t relate to you, but kudos.

Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah… Wedding plans, before you so rudely sidetracked me ADD…Today, well I guess its yesterday now – Sawyer, my mum + I went to scope out one of our venue options. And needless to say, it left me a little discouraged. We asembled a list of the pro’s + con’s… The con’s (in my mind) seem to outweigh the pro’s of this location. *le sigh* But it is just so beautiful in some areas… where in others it feels a bit… dare I say, tacky?

After having some yummy (BOGO) jamba’s with my mum, I really started to re-analyze the situation… and well, I am still feeling a bit down in the dumps because the place just didn’t scream at me “THIS IS THE VENUE”… should it though? blah. We have a few more places still to look, but please be praying that God will speak a voice of peace + reason in this stressful time of planning. Part of me is aching to just accept the five grand from my dad + get hitched at city hall + making a mad dash to Mexico…


Feb 14 2010

idea collecting.

Wow, its been awhile since we have updated you all on our process towards our wedding! Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise to be much better with that in the upcoming months! Ok, so where we are at in the planning stage is that we know what date we want, woo hoo! Huge success! We are planning on April 16th 2011. Forever out, I know. But we have 9million things that need to get sorted before then, so it is good, very good. This gives us {aka Kate} time to go completely OCD over every little detail.

This past week one of our friends passed on the link to this absolutely beautiful wedding, on a budget too! However, It was an outdoor wedding, we sure have a lot of ideas that we love from it! Now, I am not that traditional of a person, and I really really don’t like the black suits, maybe I am just weird. I’ll take that, but take a look at this idea.

S-man + I really love the idea of the brown + tans for the males + this color(ish) green for the ladies, however, I really like the idea of all the girls in different styles of dresses…

Thoughts, comments, ideas?