Sep 8 2005

Ipod Nano

Apple has just released another version of the everyday lovable Ipod, introducing the “Nano”. The spec’s on this baby are:

1.5 ounces
1.6 x 3.5 x 0.27 inches
Color display
Available in 2 & 4 GB
Black or White case
14 hour battery life
Click wheel

This precious new addition was a inbred of the Ipod photo and the mini that apparently got put into the “make it smaller machine”. With the capability to place your photo’s, audiobooks, podcasts and of course your tunes, on this gadget; will make this the fly off the shelf product of the year. Apple adds to its versatility with this one, having its infamous click wheel and 14 hour battery life enables it to be used for long periods of time, along with its astonishing 1.5 oz’s makes it a wonder for taking on long runs. With a price tag of $199 for the 2gb and $249 for the 4gb makes it one to be on everyone’s wish list this fall. Apple keeps out doing itself pretty soon all of the Ipods will be that same dimensional size and still retain their storage and battery life capabilities. Although I love this one, I am waiting and praying that soon they will revamp the Ipod photo 20gb to a more miniscule, shrunken version.

Jul 16 2005

My new toy

This is a picture of my newest toy, HP Pavilion zv6000.

Not much else to report on, most of my time over the last month has been spent as a Bible Camp Counselor out at Pioneer Bible Camp in Eden, UT. I have my first week off counseling and will be heading out on a Mission Trip to Guaymas Mexico, next weekend. Which means that I will be Spending my 18th Birthday away from my family, and out of the country. After my return to the states, I have one more week of Camp left then I am on my way out to Minnesota where I will be moving into my dorm out at Bethel University in St. Paul.

Apr 1 2005

sin city

I went and saw sin city this morning, I’m really tired so I’m going to bed, I’ll post later.

*Has anyone noticed that blogger is being very tempermental the last few days? The review of Sin City would have been posted at 3:00pm on Friday if blogger had not decided that it it did not want sign me out after I had pressed the Publish button. So it is coming, sorry for the wait. Blame blogger.

Mar 29 2005

now where did I leave my competency?

Man, even with 3 years of working with CSS and HTML these last few weeks have been making me feel quite incompetent with both. I am working on a new layout, that *hopefully* will be finished to be released on April 1st, but it seems that as soon as I get the formating right to make an item appear how I want it to, it screws up another piece of my page. . . it is driving me crazy, I really can’t wait to get all of the glitches worked out, and get it posted cause it rocks!

Feb 26 2005

glitches galore

Ok, so you all have a view of what I have been slowly (but surely) working on over the last few weeks. And Oh, I know that there are hundreds of errors in my html, and the fact that Internet Explorer does not want to display everything correctly. So if you are browsing the site and catch an error, or anything that does not show up correctly, please leave a comment. Over the next few days I should have all the glitches fixed.