Aug 13 2011

baby cakes: a review

OK, ok, I hear you all. Specifically  you Nicolesy. And Jamie too! I know this is nearly 2 months late, but here we go, here is my review of the baby cakes cake pop maker.

On 20June2011, I wandered off to Kohl’s and picked up the all elusive Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker. I was eager to try this method of making cake pops as the method I learned from blog stalking, was quite tedious. The box said it was very easy, and I do agree, it very much was. After mixing up some delicious cake batter, and prying myself away from the bowl + not eat all of the batter prior to baking.

The maker, much like that of a waffle iron, had 12 half circles on each part of the iron. Each crevasse requires 1 tablespoon of batter. I found that it was easiest to fill them using a plastic bag filled with the batter + a cut corner.

By the time that I could get all of them filled, the first was already starting to sizzle. Once I had them all ready to go, I shut the little lid + waited for the red light to pop on indicating that my cake pops were all done. It took about 3 minutes + the cake pops came out very easily. The maker came with a little holder to place all of my little delights before devouring them. The downside is, it only holds 12.

After coating + decorating these beauties, I gave one a try. The cakes were a little dry, tasting more like a munchkin, than a truffle like the ones that Starbucks has me addicted to. Maybe it was just my batter + I should try making a batter with some pudding in it to make it richer. I wasn’t the greatest fan of the dryness, but my sweet sister-in-law gobbled all that I had up.

Pros: much faster, lower calories (no frosting inside)

Cons: Dry (no frosting)

So, I am still sold on my prior recipe using the frosting. But Hey, I am a TOTAL sugar addict. So, whatever the rest of you enjoy, Its a great investment that I will probably re-tool to make doughnuts (:

Mar 6 2011

my dough girl.

Pin me up. Pucker up. Baby, don’t break my heart.

It’s not often I write a review about a dinning experience, but this one must be told. This is a story about a sweet baker with a knack for cookies + how she stole my heart paycheck.

This post *may* be an attempt at winning the ever so sweet, owner + creative master-mind Tami Cromar’s heart, affection + maybe some cookies for ma-belly! (;

Setting the scene: it was crisp fall day, Sawyer + I were wondering downtown with the Photowalking Utah troupe. As we meandered around, photographing vintage automobiles, decrepit buildings, and the eclectic shops strewn about our great city,  we stumbled upon a gem that has lured me to this day.

We wandering to this quaint little sweets-stop, nestled between an antique furniture store and an assortment of seemingly vacant buildings, then known as “My Dough Girl“, now “Ruby Snap“, has brought unequivocal vibrancy to the street.  Upon walking into the shop your mind will be swept to cloud 9, as the aromas of freshly baked cookies wisks you away into a dream land/trance. Each cookie is filled with unique flavor combinations that you will find no where else – And each cleverly named after a 1950’s pin up girl – much it easier to remember the name “Scarlett” or “Judy” than it is to remember every decadenet ingredient in these sweet creations! These cookies will surely make you sexy + stunning like the lavishly goregous women chosen to represent each treat.

Each day the girls at Ruby Snap, serve up 12 signature creations  for the masses. Ok, mostly just for me + my ginormous appetite. As well, each month, I am lured in to taste their monthly special – February + March have always been my favorite.

So, go in today! Try one (or all of them ;) Here are my some  favorites:

Lucy (March’s specialty cookie)



Trust me though, you want this girl’s cookies.

May 28 2010

the afterlife.

What happened, happened.

Its been six years since the “survivors” of Oceanic 815 crash landed into our lives. Each week 11million viewers have been glued to their TV screens every Tuesday night. Last night (see how long its takes me to finish a post? its Friday now), they have made their last goodbyes. And instantly an insatiable urge to continually watch the series over-and-over-and-over again until the DVD’s wear out, began. I have to confess, I was not a die-hard LOSTie from the beginning… I watched the very first episodes + well, needless to say, I was LOST. However, since the beginning of season 4, LOST has consumed me. I became addicted. I sat down + breezed my way through the DVD collections + well, I was still lost. But I also was addicted. Each Tuesday night @ 9pm I would begin to count the hours until it aired again – which is 166 hours. I became a LOSTie.
The Lost Supper

An era is over. LOST has ended. For many the finale brought resolution. For others it brought many more questions. Needless to say, I was very unfulfilled… But don’t get me started on that, because I could rant + rave for hours on end that would probably make any LOST lover (and dear friend) probably hate my guts for ever saying I enjoyed the show. Which, yes. I do. I LOVE LOST. I love it. However, I believe that the LOST masterminds (Lindelof, Cuse, + Abrams) could have done better. However, I am surely glad that they didn’t pull a St. Elsewhere + make it all Hurley’s dream while in the institution. If you are any bit like me, the finale left you scratching your head + wondering “what the fudgesicles happened?”. And what was with the airplane alone on the beach just added a whole hatch full of questions.

~When did the characters die? And, HOW did they die?

~Why was Penny in the Church? When did she die?

~Why didn’t Ben enter the church, is he really not dead?

~Why weren’t Micheal, Eko, Walt, or Ana Lucia in the church? (or Charolette, Faraday, Miles, Eloise…)

~How was Desmond able survive the electromagnetism?

~Why were most of the characters names different in the “altverse”?

~Why did Ben steal “Henry Gale’s” identity?

~Why did “The Others” refer to themselves as “The Good Guys”

~Why was contact with the outside world strictly forbidden?

~Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot + Eko… but never became them?

~Why did the statue only have 4 toes?

~What is “The Sickness?” & Was that the reason for the “quarantine”?

~What do each of the numbers in “The Sequence” mean? (4 8 15 16 23 42)

(Yeah, there will be an entire blog post just about what I know about them)

LOST you surely will be missed… and replayed over-and-over-and-over again.

But let us all heed Christian Shephard’s advise: Remember, and move on.

See you in another life, Brotha.

Jan 30 2010


This past weekend I saw the movie 2012… again. Even though it was only the second time it feels like it was the millionth… the movie had a great plot, amazing effects and was sprinkled with some awesome actors. However, the movie sent my little heart racing + my mind throwing panic attack after panic attack.

The movie 2012 was based off of a phenomenon, to which is said to be the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mayan calendar. Though many scholars from various disciplines have disputed the idea that a catastrophe will happen in 2012, suggesting that predictions of impending doom are found neither in classic Maya accounts nor in contemporary science. To the modern Maya, 2012 is largely irrelevant, and classic Maya sources on the subject are scarce and contradictory, suggesting that there was little if any universal agreement among them about what, if anything, the date might mean. Meanwhile, astronomers and other scientists have rejected the apocalyptic forecasts, on the grounds that the anticipated events are precluded by astronomical observations, or are unsubstantiated by the predictions that have been generated from these findings. NASA has compared fears about 2012 to those about the Y2K bug in the late 1990s, suggesting that an adequate analysis should preclude fears of disaster.

Now, the panic attacks were in no relation to the mass population of people that believe that the world is going to end in 2012. I am not freaked out about, and if it does end then, I get to meet my maker so, ce la vie. The man causer of the attacks was the gruesome depiction of buildings collapsing + people clinging on for dear life; that brings up repressed images of 9.11.

All in all, it was a good film.

Jan 3 2010

living dead girl.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Circa – 2008

Synopsis: Alice was 10 when she was taken. Now at 15-years-old she has spent the last five years being abused by a kidnapper named Ray and is kept powerless by Ray’s promise to harm her family if she makes one false move. She is the second of the girls Ray has abducted and renamed Alice; Ray killed the first when she outgrew her childlike body at 15, and now Alice half-hopes her own demise is approaching. Ray, however, has an even more sinister plan: he orders Alice to find a new girl, then train her to Ray’s tastes. Scott’s prose is spare and damning, relying on suggestive details and their impact on Alice to convey the unimaginable violence she repeatedly experiences.

A gripping novel about the horrors that are subjected to thousands of abducted children each year. Scott gives emotionally wrenching a whole new meaning in this searing book – relying on suggestive details and their impact on Alice to convey the unimaginable violence she repeatedly experiences. Disturbing but fascinating, the book exerts an inescapable grip on readers–like Alice, they have virtually no choice but to continue until the conclusion sets them free.