May 4 2013

Dirty Shoes. Dirty Dog. Darn Good Days.

20130503-010321.jpgWe recently took a sweet little mini vacation to celebrate our two year anniversary (I can’t believe two years have passed so quickly!) Our little 3 day adventure took us away from the monotony of work and school and we traveled down to Escalante, Utah with exploring on our minds. We planned a trip that we could take our dear 1.5yr old pup, Penny, on and have some good off leash wandering for our little adventurer. This was Penny’s first camping trip and she handled it like a champ, despite having trouble with being able to hear and not see the outside sounds from within the tent at night. We wore her out on the second day of hiking after a good 10 miles she was totally pooped for the next few days. There are a lot of really great pet friendly areas to hike in southern Utah, however be sure to stay away from National Parks as they are NOT pet friendly. We really enjoyed the calf creek falls trails, red canyon and the petrified forest.

It was really amazing to just get away from the city for a few days. A definite must when there is school and work always pulling us in different directions. Can’t wait for our next adventure!

IMG_3709 IMG_3774 20130503-010357.jpg

Sep 10 2012

one cent barks.

Party! Party! Its sweet Penny pooch’s first birthday! See that face? Just drooling with excitement, eagerly awaiting the words. GO! Get it.

In honor of her first birthday, I whipped up a recipe I found on pinterest for a yummy frozen puppy treat. (I made a large batch to use up some materials)

3 Apples – peeled, cored, and chopped

5 Bananas – Old frozen ones work great!

4 large spoonfuls of Peanut Butter

1/2 Soy Milk

Blend the ingredients together, and separate into little dishes that you won’t mind the pup tossing around the backyard. I topped ours off with little milk bones. Freeze, and treat your sweet pup to a organic healthy cold treat on a hot summer’s day!

Penny also had her first swim in a pool this weekend! Each fall, once pools begin to close for the year, many in the Salt Lake area, have a little event called “dippin dogs, doggy days”. Before pools drain out for the year, for a small fee allow dogs to come have their share of the pool fun. And boy, was it! Penny was apprehensive at first, but once she saw all the other pups jump right in, she decided to go for it.

Party on!

Feb 12 2012

Not the cone of shame!

I think the hardest part of having a pet who is recovering from surgery is attempting to keep them mellow. Our little lady is as crazy as ever. Despite hiding all of her “fetch” toys, she still randomly comes bounding down the hall-through the office- over the bed-back to the living room. Despite all my attempts to calm her, walk her, and keep her generally calm; I am failing.

We’ve thought of giving her the middle name of “chainsaw” for the hackjob of scrapes we have attained over our past months. (shes a love jumper, and man those claws are sharp!) But then her initials would be PCP, and well that just sounds wrong. However, her behavior sometimes makes me wonder if our dog food is tainted with it.

After many countoursonist acts, she has been deemed untrustable, and placed under close supervision. Work schedules have been re-arranged, and to her enjoyment, sleeping arrangements also have been changed. Instead of having her sleep in her crate in another room (while a terrified me dreams of her opening her stitches + having an evisceration)… We’ve tried having her sleep on the floor of our room, but moments after we were all snuggly settled she would come bounding up on to the bed and happily slink into the center of the bed. Cone and all. After nights of fighting over “her bed”, “our bed”… We broke, we gave in, we started a habit well have fun attempting to break once she is medically clear. Over many nights of her stiff legging me for my 1/2 of the bed, she has finally settled for the lower unoccupied center.

Feb 7 2012

5 months today.

Our little miss is 5 months old today! She is currently relaxing on the bed next to me, snuggled into the blankets, probably dreaming of puppy friends and peanut butter. In her occasional repositions, she¬†attempts to leave a large laceration on my face with her Elizabethan cone… I think she is secretly trying to take my head off for allowing those horrible, horrible, people to cut into her yesterday. She seems to miserable, it makes me so sad. Not like it is slowing her down very much, she keeps bringing her balls to me, wanting me to go run down the hall with her. Alot of people say their pets demeanor changes after they are spayed or neutered, but our little lady as of yet, is still her mischievous little self. When I got out of the shower this morning she was on her back, curled up with her legs over her head trying to contort herself to have access to her stitches. At one point she got her back leg into her mouth and tried to chew the coban. Sigh. She needs 24 hour supervision until she is healed… We let her sleep in our bed last night after many failed attempts to get her in her crate, or even just to sleep in her own bed. It started out ok, but she soon decided she wanted to sleep on my pillow, and she stiff legged me, slowly gaining more and more space in the bed for herself. I highly considered sleeping on the guest bed. I bet Sawyer + Penny had it planned. Its a conspiracy I tell ya!

She continues to grow like a weed and is now weighing in at 27lbs, and is nearly at my knees in height. She is 20″ tall and 28″ long. She loves playing in the snow, and leaves, and off leash time is brings about this crazy side of her – she still listens very well, but she goes crazy exploring every new thing. We can not wait until she has a backyard to consitently run around in. She still really struggles with jumping on people, but we are excited to start Puppy Kindergarten in a few weeks! We hope that you all get to physically meet her soon!

hugs and loves.

Jan 12 2012

and the growth spurt continues!

Our little bean sprout just keeps on growing like a weed! Her current stats are:

Weight: 21lbs

Length: 26in

Height: 18in

Everyday our not so little pup learns something new, unfortunately, its not always something we want her to learn… Specifically realizing that she is now tall enough she can get her front feet on the counter, and her nose over the edge to see what is just out of her reach. We are in the process of teaching her “out of the kitchen” and she is slowly catching on, however the whole sit-and-stay part of that doesn’t last very long. The other day she finally mastered rolling over in both directions. And will “leave it” for nearly two minutes when a treat is placed in front of her. One of her favorite activities is to burrow under our bed, the other day she pushed out some rubbermaid boxes holding out of season clothes…

Sawyer made this cute montage of her the other day:

So cute, I think we will keep her (;