Feb 19 2010

thanks mom.

P+G kicks off this years Olympics with its “Thanks Mom!” campaign, out off all of them, this one sure is my fave – “because to you, their always your little kid.”

Feb 14 2010

olympic (twitter’d) update.

@nbcolympics BREAKING RESULTS: Let the celebration begin! Canada wins its first Olympic gold on home soil. Alexandre Bilodeau wins the men’s moguls. Bryon Wilson of the USA takes bronze. http://nbco.ly/aWm0Tz

@breakingnews U.S. wins first-ever Nordic combined medal with Spillane’s surprising silver http://bit.ly/a3cho4

@uutah Congratulations to U of U alumnus Shannon Bahrke who won the bronze in Woman’s Moguls in Vancouver! http://bit.ly/bQAFk8

@ESPN American Lindsey Vonn (bruised shin) completes slalom training session

@chadhedrick Tough day today but I’m not done just yet! 1000m on Feb 17 followed by the 1500m on Feb 20. Thanks for all the support! Stay proud Team USA is coming back!!!!!!

@olympiccountdown Interactive Map of Vancouver Olympic Village. Very cool. http://ow.ly/164kI

@cnn Changes coming to Olympic luge track after fatal crash. http://bit.ly/cGgnB2

@breakingnews US’s Ohno, Celski take silver, bronze in 1,500m short-track skating final; more results http://bit.ly/bcWUSt

@breakingnews What else can go wrong? Torch ceremony at Winter Games hit with glitch as pillars rise from floor of stadium http://bit.ly/bZpTi6

@kslcom Make it six: Ohno ties Blair for most US medals http://bit.ly/bmfdfh

@breaking news More than 200 masked Olympic protesters splatter red paint &smash windows of store in Vancouver

@apoloohno I wake up feeling that the impossible means nothing-there is no limit, have no fears, & of course: reach for the unreachable.

@apoloohno Congrat to Lee-Jung Su for winning the 1500m today–big congrats to JR for grabbing the Bronze! Wow Koreans are strong as always.

@nbcolympics Since the first Winter Olympics, only six US flag bearers have won a medal at the Games they carried the flag in…Good luck Mark Grimmette

Feb 13 2010

its that time again!

Eight years ago Salt Lake City was the host city for the winter Olympics, however, it seems like it was only the last time around. As well, its slightly odd not having family in this years events as I have had in both the 2002 Salt Lake + 2006 Torino games (and my uncle before my time was in the 1976 Innsbruck + 1980 Lake Placid games). I remember having nearly every relative jam packed into my parents 4 bedroom home as we eagerly awaited the days my cousins would take part in the Ski Jumping events. It was so much fun having relatives on the team, especially because in the off season the majority of the team guys would stay at our home while they trained in Park City. There were days when the entire team seemed as they were an extension of my family and at times it was like they were my brothers. Extremely good looking athletic brothers… this time around, I only know one of the Jumpers as the 2002 + 2006 team boys have “retired” from their Olympic careers and have moved on to being coaches, accountants, chefs and other un-sporty lives.

Although this years games began in tragedy, with the untimely death of Georgian Luge athlete, 21-year-old Nodar Kumaritashvili. This years Olympic teams from across the globe bring with them hopes + aspirations to be the next “big thing” and to bring a gold metal home to their families. This year the one athlete that I will be following quite closely is Chad Hedrick of the US Speed Skating team. As you may have read in the post “Under the Radar” that Chad and his family have been attending my church for the past year. Lucky me got to even watch his adorable Hadley for 6 months without ever even knowing she was an Olympians baby! And because my heart is always with the Ski Jumping team, born, bred, + snow fed! I will also be watching little Anders Johnson as he brings on the legacy of my buddies on US jumping team!

Feb 7 2010

pepsi’s innovative business approach

Like many, I choose watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, not really the game. As some of you may know already, instead of spending the $2-3 million on a Super Bowl commercial tomorrow, Pepsi has opted for a different approach. They have launched their Pepsi Refresh Project. This innovative idea offers people the chance to submit their favorite idea, solution, or non-profit that they believe will have a positive impact on their community. Up until March 1, 2010, anyone has the opportunity to vote on ten of their favorite ideas each day for this month’s 1000 submissions. Pepsi is awarding a total of $2 million to various non-profits, businesses, and everyday people to help them launch their ideas for a better tomorrow. Some of the categories listed include: Health, Arts and Culture, The Planet, Neighborhoods, and Education.

Log in and vote for your favorite ten today. If you have an idea, submit it here.

Jan 26 2010

under the radar.

For over a year, Chad Hedrick, the adorned USA Olympic Speedskater has attended Capital Church and this weekend was his last Sunday before heading to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Little did I know, for the past 6 months I have been caring for his beautiful daughter, Hadley. This weekend our church did a little send off for him, not only did he grace us with picture taking opportunities + the chance to hold his gold metal, he shared his testimony.

Chad stated in his testimony about how he changed not only since the 2006 Olympics in Turin, but within the past year. Chad found the love of his life Lynsey Adams and married her 2008, in March of 2009 they welcomed an adorable daughter into their world, this December they announced that they are expecting the next addition to the Olympian family. Good thing Chad’s main sponsor is Pampers + they will have a life time supply of diapers! To read the post that the tribune wrote about him click here.

Once he’s done with the Olympics, he’ll be moving back to Texas with his family. It was a pleasure to meet Chad and I wish him all the best in Vancouver! To follow his journey in Vancouver check out his blog at chadhedrick.com!