May 4 2013

Dirty Shoes. Dirty Dog. Darn Good Days.

20130503-010321.jpgWe recently took a sweet little mini vacation to celebrate our two year anniversary (I can’t believe two years have passed so quickly!) Our little 3 day adventure took us away from the monotony of work and school and we traveled down to Escalante, Utah with exploring on our minds. We planned a trip that we could take our dear 1.5yr old pup, Penny, on and have some good off leash wandering for our little adventurer. This was Penny’s first camping trip and she handled it like a champ, despite having trouble with being able to hear and not see the outside sounds from within the tent at night. We wore her out on the second day of hiking after a good 10 miles she was totally pooped for the next few days. There are a lot of really great pet friendly areas to hike in southern Utah, however be sure to stay away from National Parks as they are NOT pet friendly. We really enjoyed the calf creek falls trails, red canyon and the petrified forest.

It was really amazing to just get away from the city for a few days. A definite must when there is school and work always pulling us in different directions. Can’t wait for our next adventure!

IMG_3709 IMG_3774 20130503-010357.jpg

Sep 6 2012


Dear blogosphere,

Where has the time gone? Days seem to fly by so fast, with so much to do and so little time to complete all the tasks set forth for the day. We have moved into our new home! It’s a beautiful little split level 2 story home, with plenty of room for eventual growth, and way to many places for Penny to hide! Penny adores her new backyard, although she still prefers if someone goes out with her to play, despite her insane high-tail running in circles throughout the entire yard while we watch. Speaking of… Its her first Birthday TODAY!!


Life has been incredibly good; we are still adjusting to having a home, and the perpetual unpacking. Finding spaces to put photos and furniture has been interesting since we have about a million prints, and 5 pieces of furniture… It’s getting there. Currently the home looks only half lived in.

I have been working a lot of nights, which continues to make the unpacking a struggle, as we have limited time together and really don’t want to spend it organizing all of the time!

On another note, we have had the pleasure of having our sweet niece, E stay with my parents for the past two weeks! Since she lives literally half way across the globe, it has been amazing to have so much time to spend with her, even though her sweet parents were not able to stay visit too. We have had so much fun taking her to the park, the pool, Tracy Aviary, the zoo, Apollo Burger – girly will eat anything dunked in fry sauce; Starbucks! hahaha, (baby LOVES her some soy chai!) I can’t believe she leaves tomorrow! Breaks my heart.
Dear T+K, MOVE TO THE STATES!! Love, a very sad Aunt.

May 22 2012

on the hunt.

Well Friends, we have began the house hunt!

 And needless to say, it hasn’t been much of a joy ride, but more of a ride through space mountain when you have motion sickness. Looking for homes is the fun part, finding houses to pursue as potential homes to grow in is amazing. But, it is also stressful, we have found many that homes that we like, but have been unable to hook before another person drives the going price up beyond our limits. Secondly, I amazed at how expensive some homes get priced when they have unfinished basements, ancient kitchens, zero backyard, no garage, or look in absolutely horrible refute. We were very lucky to have a family friend whom we have known for years who is a realtor and continuously is looking out for us and our interests. She is amazing + I recommend her to anyone in the house hunt, Linda Incardine.

Thirdly, mortgage brokers lie. We are currently renting an apartment and pay $1,200 a month for rent + utilities (water, electricity, cable + internet), when we first met with a mortgage broker he stated that if we continued pay the same rent for 30years we would have paid out $432k and no no equity. Wow. So we should easily be able to afford a $250k home with extra to spare, right? WRONG. After all of the INSANE amount of fee’s and interest we would pay $1,700 a month (before utilities)! Holy freaking crap. No thanks. After we politely asked him to recalculate numbers so we would have a payment similar to that of what we are currently paying we got a much much lower number for approval. I am amazed at how wily these characters are. At one point they even told us that it we “should make some sacrifices” to be able to have a nice home.  *AHEM, is this thing on?* “Hello, my name is Kate, and I would prefer not to be house poor”.


May 22 2012

wedding love, via Kate’s Pops

Kate’s Pops made its first wedding debut! It went absolutely spectacular! I have to admit, I was a bit terrified of baking for such an important event; but it went off without a hitch. Cake pops are such a fun alternative to cake and a great way to steer away from those dreaded “cake cutting” costs! Still want a cake? Cake pops go great as wedding favors or as part of a candy buffet. 

Your event will surely be a hit with a tantalizing variety of cake pops. Each pop is hand made, made when ordered, and created with love.


Book Kate’s Pops for your next event!



Feb 7 2012

5 months today.

Our little miss is 5 months old today! She is currently relaxing on the bed next to me, snuggled into the blankets, probably dreaming of puppy friends and peanut butter. In her occasional repositions, she attempts to leave a large laceration on my face with her Elizabethan cone… I think she is secretly trying to take my head off for allowing those horrible, horrible, people to cut into her yesterday. She seems to miserable, it makes me so sad. Not like it is slowing her down very much, she keeps bringing her balls to me, wanting me to go run down the hall with her. Alot of people say their pets demeanor changes after they are spayed or neutered, but our little lady as of yet, is still her mischievous little self. When I got out of the shower this morning she was on her back, curled up with her legs over her head trying to contort herself to have access to her stitches. At one point she got her back leg into her mouth and tried to chew the coban. Sigh. She needs 24 hour supervision until she is healed… We let her sleep in our bed last night after many failed attempts to get her in her crate, or even just to sleep in her own bed. It started out ok, but she soon decided she wanted to sleep on my pillow, and she stiff legged me, slowly gaining more and more space in the bed for herself. I highly considered sleeping on the guest bed. I bet Sawyer + Penny had it planned. Its a conspiracy I tell ya!

She continues to grow like a weed and is now weighing in at 27lbs, and is nearly at my knees in height. She is 20″ tall and 28″ long. She loves playing in the snow, and leaves, and off leash time is brings about this crazy side of her – she still listens very well, but she goes crazy exploring every new thing. We can not wait until she has a backyard to consitently run around in. She still really struggles with jumping on people, but we are excited to start Puppy Kindergarten in a few weeks! We hope that you all get to physically meet her soon!

hugs and loves.