Sep 6 2012


Dear blogosphere,

Where has the time gone? Days seem to fly by so fast, with so much to do and so little time to complete all the tasks set forth for the day. We have moved into our new home! It’s a beautiful little split level 2 story home, with plenty of room for eventual growth, and way to many places for Penny to hide! Penny adores her new backyard, although she still prefers if someone goes out with her to play, despite her insane high-tail running in circles throughout the entire yard while we watch. Speaking of… Its her first Birthday TODAY!!


Life has been incredibly good; we are still adjusting to having a home, and the perpetual unpacking. Finding spaces to put photos and furniture has been interesting since we have about a million prints, and 5 pieces of furniture… It’s getting there. Currently the home looks only half lived in.

I have been working a lot of nights, which continues to make the unpacking a struggle, as we have limited time together and really don’t want to spend it organizing all of the time!

On another note, we have had the pleasure of having our sweet niece, E stay with my parents for the past two weeks! Since she lives literally half way across the globe, it has been amazing to have so much time to spend with her, even though her sweet parents were not able to stay visit too. We have had so much fun taking her to the park, the pool, Tracy Aviary, the zoo, Apollo Burger – girly will eat anything dunked in fry sauce; Starbucks! hahaha, (baby LOVES her some soy chai!) I can’t believe she leaves tomorrow! Breaks my heart.
Dear T+K, MOVE TO THE STATES!! Love, a very sad Aunt.

Jul 3 2012

Follow the recipe strictly… “OK.” Said, no one, ever.

I love baking, like a crazy fat kid desiring cake, type of love. Ever since pinterest came around, my creativity went from a spark to an explosion – and many days my kitchen looks like there has been some sort of explosion within it.

Recipes are more like guidelines in my little kitchen. When I find a recipe that has an ingredient that I don’t like, or do not have, I simply omit it from my creation. A dash of this, and a bit of that, more of this, and less of that… and soon ohhhhh, I really like that! Yes, sometimes this can be quite hazardous, but most times it turns out delicious!

This week, I made the most delicious chicken and pasta that I have ever tasted. Orgasmic, I tell you. This “recipe” served two with left over pasta sauce.

1 chicken breast
5 fat juicy tomatoes
Minced garlic
Italian bread crumbs
Basil leaves
Black pepper
Lemon Juice
Balsamic vinegar
Parmesan + Mozzarella cheese

Slice chicken breast in half, thickness wise. Place in container and marinade with balsamic vinegar. Wash tomatoes and slice in half, removing stems. Cut two slices off of one of the tomatoes, and place in a container with balsamic vinegar to marinade as well. Place remaining tomatoes in a crock pot on high, dice one handful of basil leaves into small chucks and garnish over the tomatoes. Add a spoonful of minced garlic (2 tbsp-ish), a dash of black pepper, a couple squirts of lemon juice, a dash of balsamic vinegar, and about quarter of a cup of Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Let these bake on medium in the crock pot for a few hours (the longer the better!)

After browsing pinterest for a few hours, picking up the kids from school, or catching up on your favorite mellow-drama, and are ready to get dinner on the table, start preparing pasta and begin cooking the chicken. When the chicken has only a few minutes left (be aware, the thinner the chicken the faster it cooks!), take your marinaded tomato slices our and place on a lined baking sheet (parchment paper works best). Garnish tomatoes with a few basil leaves, a dash of garlic, and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, broil on high until cheese is melty.

Place broiled tomatoes on top of each chicken breast. Mix the pasta sauce in the crock pot with a fork to crush tomatoes, then toss pasta with sauce. Serve and enjoy!

Makes for a deliciously light summer meal!

Feb 12 2012

Not the cone of shame!

I think the hardest part of having a pet who is recovering from surgery is attempting to keep them mellow. Our little lady is as crazy as ever. Despite hiding all of her “fetch” toys, she still randomly comes bounding down the hall-through the office- over the bed-back to the living room. Despite all my attempts to calm her, walk her, and keep her generally calm; I am failing.

We’ve thought of giving her the middle name of “chainsaw” for the hackjob of scrapes we have attained over our past months. (shes a love jumper, and man those claws are sharp!) But then her initials would be PCP, and well that just sounds wrong. However, her behavior sometimes makes me wonder if our dog food is tainted with it.

After many countoursonist acts, she has been deemed untrustable, and placed under close supervision. Work schedules have been re-arranged, and to her enjoyment, sleeping arrangements also have been changed. Instead of having her sleep in her crate in another room (while a terrified me dreams of her opening her stitches + having an evisceration)… We’ve tried having her sleep on the floor of our room, but moments after we were all snuggly settled she would come bounding up on to the bed and happily slink into the center of the bed. Cone and all. After nights of fighting over “her bed”, “our bed”… We broke, we gave in, we started a habit well have fun attempting to break once she is medically clear. Over many nights of her stiff legging me for my 1/2 of the bed, she has finally settled for the lower unoccupied center.

Jan 12 2012

dearest victor…

The other night, we had a tragedy occur, we lost a loved one, in our own home. The un-timely death rocked everyone, and everything in its quake. I wish I could put to words what this experience was like, but really it just emotionally broke me. Losing something you have spent years with will do that to you. My mind keeps spinning thinking what I did wrong, “was the water too warm?”, “Did I not handle you carefully enough?”, “Did we use you too much?”. The moment you met your final demise, Victor, well, a little part of me died. I should have seen it coming, my sinuses had been feeling it for days, yet, I failed to notice that maybe you, dear Victor, were not feeling well either. And for that, I had failed you.

What would I do without your humidification in my life? I’m not going to lie, you were not my “reason to breathe”, but surely you had done sooooo much to assist in making it easier for me everyday. *sigh*  And so, I had to move on. Blogosphere, Meet, Victor 2.0.

Dec 7 2011

it’s beginning to look a lot like.


(and that we have a 3 month old puppy)

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday has past, and the turkey + sweet potato leftovers have been depleted, Christmas has hit the Pangborn household. All of our Christmas decorations  have been waiting ever so patiently in the closet, however I can hear them whispering at night, just begging each other to stage a coup and break free. Despite my desire to decorate the minute after Thanksgiving dinner was consumed, we have been quite apprehensive with our 3 month old teething puppy with toddler-like-tantrums.

At PetSmart the other day I saw this hat, it was super cheap. And hey, it was totally worth a shot to see if she would tolerate it. Well, She didn’t. And she saw me put it away and keeps trying to attack the cabinet it is in. Crazy girl.

The tree went up without a hitch, minus the little runt trying to nibble on the branches, and make confetti out of the boxes. Once the tree was up, it’s still it is only mildly decorated (must prevent loss of decorations, in the event of a “tree tipping”), we attempted to take some photos of miss Penny. And I am amazed at how well she sat and stayed! She as very easily distracted by the flash and always wanted to check it out after it went of. It seriously reminded me of little kids – how they immediately run to the camera screaming “I want to see!” haha. I love her. Here are some shots we got. 

This time of year tends to really make me baby hungry. Not that I want to be preggo, no siree! But the memories of all of the great seasons past flow to the top of my mind, and make me extra eager to start traditions of my own. We are super excited this year to start traditions that will continue throughout our lives together and one day be able to pass on to children of our own. But it really makes me wonder. How on earth are we going to teach our children about Christmas, especially… Santa. *gasp*  

Oh, and Christmas cake pop baking has ensued! Stay tuned! (: