Sep 6 2012


Dear blogosphere,

Where has the time gone? Days seem to fly by so fast, with so much to do and so little time to complete all the tasks set forth for the day. We have moved into our new home! It’s a beautiful little split level 2 story home, with plenty of room for eventual growth, and way to many places for Penny to hide! Penny adores her new backyard, although she still prefers if someone goes out with her to play, despite her insane high-tail running in circles throughout the entire yard while we watch. Speaking of… Its her first Birthday TODAY!!


Life has been incredibly good; we are still adjusting to having a home, and the perpetual unpacking. Finding spaces to put photos and furniture has been interesting since we have about a million prints, and 5 pieces of furniture… It’s getting there. Currently the home looks only half lived in.

I have been working a lot of nights, which continues to make the unpacking a struggle, as we have limited time together and really don’t want to spend it organizing all of the time!

On another note, we have had the pleasure of having our sweet niece, E stay with my parents for the past two weeks! Since she lives literally half way across the globe, it has been amazing to have so much time to spend with her, even though her sweet parents were not able to stay visit too. We have had so much fun taking her to the park, the pool, Tracy Aviary, the zoo, Apollo Burger – girly will eat anything dunked in fry sauce; Starbucks! hahaha, (baby LOVES her some soy chai!) I can’t believe she leaves tomorrow! Breaks my heart.
Dear T+K, MOVE TO THE STATES!! Love, a very sad Aunt.

Jul 26 2012

a golden quarter century.

Yesterday, was my eleventy first birthday! Kidding, kidding… Although some times it feels as though I am inching closer and closer to those scary numbers, with only the hope of an alluring ring to help yield off old age. Yesterday, I reached to landmark birthdays in one foul swoop – my Golden birthday, and my quarter century. Yep, that makes me feel old.

I had a fabulous birthday, filled with family, friends, way too much food, cake with my co-workers, and even bed-ridden patients hollering out a grand ol’ birthday song. (that last one will surely make you feel special, cause it sure made my day) Here are a few photos from the wonderful birthday week!

Co-workers bought me cake! Josh say’s he “doesn’t like frosting” hence the piece he took. Also, notice the “candles”? … yes, they are toothettes.

Delicious dinner with the fam at Benihana! Gotta love traditions!

New fave drink: Kahlua and silk, with a dash of whipped vodka.
Thanks Moose for introducing me to it!

In other news… We close on our house in a week! A scary, exciting, new phase of our lives is getting ready to be ushered in as we end our lives as apartment dwellers! Penny is stoked to have a backyard!

Jan 25 2012

six and counting.

On a blustery day in January 2006, a young man greeted me at the Salt Lake City Airport. This man is my best friend, but today, the arrival was not how I had expected. I am a people watcher. As I scanned the crowd, I see a soldier returning home; hugging his young children. I see many anxiously waiting family members arrivals, while others are un-patiently waiting for there baggage to come spinning down the carousel. My eyes still scanning, I have to read it a second time before it registers, to me. The last sign I saw had my last name on it. I look again, above the sign is the nerdy face of a man I know. A smile breaks across my face, one month away was too long. I walk, still not noticing the brilliant yellow roses in his other hand. Soon we are face too face. My heart races. I am twitter-pated.

Little did I know at this time, that this handsome man would one day become my husband.

Its been six incredible years, filled with adventure, trials, tribulations, travel, and puppies. Heres to the next 6x6x6! (:

Best friends are the best.

Jan 1 2012

well hello, 2012

I sit here on the first day of 2012, surrounded by glimmering Christmas tree, my sweet husband, and a puppy sleeping at my feet, with How I Met Your Mother’s humor drowning in the background, from the television. There is laundry and dishes to be done, but instead I sit here, browsing pinterest, and searching for cake pop supplies on amazon. Soaking in life. Reminiscing on how tantalizing life is, and how surreal it can get.

This past year has been a real journey for us, we got married in April! We’ve both gotten new jobs, we got a puppy, we almost bought a house. We’ve had ups and downs, but God has been there with us through it all.

Each year, there’s always this pressure to create resolutions, and I’ll be honest with you, I am terrible with them. I usually stay strong for about… 10 days. I don’t know why I am really so bad with holding out. Or even just being accountable to them. Especially since I make them. Me. Not someone else deciding what my life should be. And each year I say that I’m going to be different, that this year is a game changer. Well, this year has to be. Come on folks, lets switch up this ride.

Maybe I need to start on smaller scale resolutions that I can tackle, for one, shying away from that ever elusive, darn scale. This year, things are going to be different. This year I am going to accomplish my goals!

1. Get fit (read: acquire muscles). Yes this girlfriend would love to lose weight, but we all know the backwards spiral that would ensue. But no, this is not what I mean, and since surgeons don’t give muscle implants to puny girls, I best get my workout gear on… And actually lift some weights.

2. To get my cake pop business off the ground. And to actually start making money. Hey y’all buy my cake pops!

3. To keep a tidy home. Well, that’s self explanatory. To get off my ever growing derrière and polish off those shelves from their ever growing layer of dust… And put away the multiple baskets of clean laundry…

4. To begin my prerequisites for the PA program. And continue to jump on every learning opportunity I can, to make me the most stellar candidate.

5.To read more. Peeps, girlfriend needs some recommendations! I love action thrillers and suspense books.

What are your resolutions this year? How are you planning on revolutionizing your life and making a better you?

Dec 31 2011

a belated christmas

First off, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was amazing, and filled with the insanity of having a sweet 16 week old puppy racing around the house. Well, houses.

This was our first year as a married couple, and out first year with a little chewing monster ravaging about. And for the most part, it went without a hitch. With the exception of one ornament getting nibbled upon by our sweet pup. We currently live in the same city as both of our immediate families, so we thankfully were able to spend the day with both families. Penny got to meet her “cousin” Bella, and the two thankfully interacted well. Despite nearly knocking a few family members over mid-chase, and eventually ended up sharing a bed together.

I spent part of this Christmas reminiscing about Christmas’ passed. Of baking cookies with the siblings, and dousing (and mean dousing) them with sprinkles, after piling a mountain of frosting upon them of course. Of sitting on “santa’s” lap and asking not for gifts, but to have my daddy home for Christmas. We have lately been watching alot of youtube videos about Soldier’s homecoming’s, and every time they make me cry. I know it is a huge stress on significant others, mothers, and especially children. I don’t know how people could do it. I can’t imagine how hard it is on a relationship. Especially before the marvels of modern technology. One of the kids we {used} to nanny {while his mother was deployed} would skype, video call, his mother every night before he went to bed and the two would read a book together. It was the cutest thing. Broke my heart  every time. The reminder of how hard it was as a kid getting phones from daddy once every few days was hard enough as a young child. I wonder how woman a century ago handled it, having to wait for letters, and waiting anxiously by the mailbox day, after day for a letter that may never come.

Wow. How technology changes things. Changes everything. Today, we skyped with my Brother and my Niece; in Moscow, Russia. In an instant we can access someone all the way across the globe. I miss them, I hope they move stateside soon!

grace + peace