Apr 30 2014

ePortfolio: Math 1040 Reflection

Body Measurements – Math 1040 Final Project

Throughout this semester we have been evaluating claims and looking at statistical analysis’ of populations data. For my final project I chose to evaluate data on a population of individuals who participated in a study of their body measurements. There were 507 individuals that participated in the study; from the population I then drew two samples of 33, one being a simple random sample, and the other being a systematic random sample.

Firstly, I examined the populations’ categorical data – male to female ratio, which was 248:259, which was 49% male to 51% female. In sample 1, the simple random sample, the ratio was split 16:17, which was 48% male to 52% female. In sample 2, the systematic random sample, the ratio was split 17:16, which was 52% male to 48% female. Although, the populations were not evenly split between male and female like one would assume, with an uneven sample number it is mathematically impossible to have the samples be evenly split.

The confidence intervals for population proportion, of the categorical data, the ratios of male to females in sample 1. These intervals are 90% (0.372, 0.658), 95% (0.345, 0.686), and 99% (0.291, 0.739). Meaning that in each interval, we are X% confident that the population proportion of females will be included in the confidence interval. In all of our intervals we can be confident that the population proportion of females, which are 51.52% will be between the values (0.372, 0.658). The values all worked, because the sample data did a good job of estimating the population value.

I ran a hypothesis test on categorical data of sample 1, to test and see if the population proportion is equal to 50% (Ho: p=0.50, H1: p≠0.50). With a two-tailed test the p-value is twice the value of the area to the right; the p-value is 0.8650.The calculated p-value is 0.8618, both of the p-values are greater than significance levels of 0.01, 0.05, and 0.1; therefore we fail to reject the null hypothesis. Thus we can conclude that there is not sufficient sample evidence to warrant rejection of the claim that 50% of the population is female.

Secondly, I examined the populations’ quantitative data. I chose to evaluate abdominal measurements, as I am going into the health care field, and abdominal measurements can tell us a lot about the individual. The frequencies within the population were normally distributed, the mean was 85.654cm with a standard deviation of 9.415cm, minimum of the population was 64cm, and the maximum was 121.1cm. The frequencies within sample 1 were skewed to the right, the mean was 84.5cm with a standard deviation of 9.244cm, the minimum of the sample 67cm, and the maximum was 107cm. The frequencies within sample 2 were skewed to the left, the mean was 79.345cm with a standard deviation was 15.175cm, the minimum was 52.4, and the maximum was 107.3cm.

The confidence intervals for population mean, of the quantitative data, abdominal girth of sample 1 where the mean was 84.5, and sample standard deviation was 9.244, and the population standard deviation is “unknown”, three confidence intervals are computed as below. For this sample the confidence intervals are 90% (81.774, 87.226), 95% (81.222, 87.778), and 99% (80.094, 88.904). Meaning that in each interval, we are X% confident that the true mean of abdominal girth for all of the people in the population, will be included in the confidence interval. The population parameters of a population mean 84.5 and a standard deviation of 9.244 is captured by all of the confidence intervals, we can continue to create a narrower confidence interval, however the degree of confidence that will be displayed decreased substantially with every attempt to narrow our interval.

I ran a hypothesis test for the abdominal girth in the sample 1, we tested the claim that the population mean is greater than 1st Quartile of the population (Ho: mµ=78.8, H1: mµ>78.8). The sample is right-tailed; therefore the critical region is everything right of the critical value (everything greater than 1.694). The test statistic 3.542 is greater than 1.694, it is in the critical region, so we reject the null hypothesis. There is sufficient evidence to support the claim that the population mean is greater than 78.8cm.

This project helped me understand the concepts of statistical analysis, and testing. Throughout the statistical projects of this class I have learned a lot about how Math, and Statistics relates to treatment in the health care world. I asked around while working on projects for this class “how many times have you used statistics since learning it in class” and was slightly depressed (just kidding) when I heard a resounding, “we use it everyday, even if we are not the ones doing the math or data collection – medicine relies on statistical analysis.” Through this project it helped me get a first hand experience of forming a hypothesis, sample selection, analyzing said data, interpret the data, and in turn being able to reject or approve our hypothesis.

Apr 12 2013

Human Life Span Development Final

This video {vlog} is a compilation for my Human Life Span Development final at SLCC for Spring 2013.

Go check out this site: To Write Love on Her Arms

The song may have been a bit quiet in the video, but here is the recording of it! lonelyhours see lyrics here

If you have questions, comments leave some lovin’ below! (:


Oct 18 2012

what actually matters?

With the 2012 Presidential election just 3 weeks out, the debates are getting harsh. The candidates are getting to the nitty-gritty, and the parties and just getting down right nasty towards each other. Can I write myself in as a candidate? Some days, I honestly think I could make better progress and decisions than these men do… Then I remember – oh yeah, the President is one branch of a three branch system. If the branches don’t all work together in sync, nothing will happen, except leaves falling to the ground. Now, elect me as the speaker of the house, then I’d really have a chance to make a difference. Well, maybe not with our horrifically split congress. I digress.

As we all get ready to march over to our local polling centers on 06November, we must all really take a minute to step back and analyze what we are really voting for. Not just who they are, their family background, how they part their hair, what religion they claim to follow, but what they actually claim to want to change when/if they take office – if congress doesn’t filibuster every act they try to pass. Yay bipartisanship! *sigh*

What matters most to you this year? For me, its health care. Having worked in the health care and psychiatric fields for many years, the advances that Obama has made in the past 4 years have increased the availability of insurance to many of the people I have worked with. Uninsured and under insured will hopefully soon be a thing of the past. This whole survival of the fittest, richest will soon be over. As long as we continue to allow health care reform to evolve to the needs of this nation. Dear Mr. Romney… why are you now opposing “ObamaCare”? Oh, it’s not coined “RomneyCare”? I see, since you enacted essentially the SAME THING in Massachusetts?

Secondly, Women’s issues. Oh, Mittens… Really? Just silence your self while you are already behind. Let me state this. I do not support abortion. If I met a person that is considering it, I will do everything in my power to help them chose an alternative. But I do not believe that we should make it illegal. I believe that making abortions illegal will create and undo strain on the health care field. Instead of being in a safe, healing, understanding, accredited, nonjudgmental environment – we will have women finding back alley “doctors”, and becoming very, very, sick septic patients. Just think of the medical expenditures, the multitude of tests, surgeries, blood products, medications, and medical staff. Remember the phrase “outlaw guns, and only outlaws will have guns”? Or during the prohibition when people got “jake’s walk” and botulism from bootleg liquor? We must protect our people. In this case, providing a safe outlet for them. Abolition is not the answer, education is.

Side note: Adoption. Currently, here in the states, the supply is much less than the demand. Thousands of to-be parents wait on adoption waiting lists just hoping to get a call that someone has elected to give their child another chance at a family. Lets put some more government spending into this; as part of education in places like Planned Parenthood to (increase) this encouragement of the option to mothers.

Thirdly, Gay rights. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t have one. Growing up my parents, and school teachers stated over and over again, “your right to swing your fist, ends at the tip of my nose”. It took me years really think of it outside of the context of bullies, but it applies to everything. And in this case, religion. Yes, I am religious, but the God that I read about in my Bible, surely states that I am not to throw a stone. Our nation was built upon the liberty to be who you are, free. My right to extend my religious beliefs, end where you begin. I (and the rest of religious folk) have no right to say, “God does not agree with gay marriage, therefore it is illegal for you”. Rachel Maddow had a great quote the other day “Heres the thing about rights. They’re not supposed to on. That’s why they call them rights.”

Just my two cents.

Sep 28 2010


Orders. We get them everyday + we are expected to comply. We give them + we expect others to comply as well. We get them in the office from that grumpy ol’ boss, we give them to our family members, law enforcement + the rules of the road give us even more orders to follow, we get them from our doctors, in some cases + days, we even are that grumpy ol’ boss who expects everyone to comply with their orders no matter how ludicrous they may sound. Today in clinical orientation we chatted about patient advocacy, health literacy + how the two play a huge role in a patients compliance throughout a physician’s treatment plan. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that orders are 99.9% not fun to follow, but having worked in the field + having been a patient, I also can tell you that they are quite crucial to follow. Statistics show that approximately 80% of the information that a physician gives to a patient is not retained within 20 minutes of leaving their office. Depressing isn’t it? What’s even more depressing is all the “yep’s”, “nope’s”, “uhuh’s”+ “totally’s” we receive in health care, when we ask “do yo have any questions?” Easy right? Embarrassing? Sometimes. Ok, most of the time. But we seriously, as medical staff get so caught up in our treatment plans that we don’t take time to be positive that the “orders” were even understood.

So what does any of this have to do with being compliant? Well, everything. If you can’t understand, or you don’t remember how on earth are you going to be able to advocate for your own care, or be able to comply with the prescribed treatment plan?

When I saw this video, I was drawn back. Ok, I giggled alot {ALOT alot}. But then, I started researching about mis-informed non-compliance. And I found out alot of other crazy, doubled over, rolling on the floor hilarious incidents. Oh, man did I. OK, so the point of my crazy ramble. Medical staff, please do your best to inform your patients, explain procedures, be sure they understand,+ make sure questions are answered.

*le sigh* {cackle}

Apr 10 2010

it’s a god thing.

God is faithful. God provides.

1.2.3 – stirkes? homeruns? And your out? Or is it a good thing? I really know nothing about baseball… but one word: wow. That’s all I got to describe this week. God is awesome. God has really done so much in my life this week that really lined up alot of great things to come.

educationally. I took my state exams for my cerification as a Nursing Assistant, I was so incredibly stressed for these (two tests: skills + written) + this past week God eased away my anxiety. And honesty, just not being sickly anxious over them was a miracle within itself. I am about 95% confident that I passed the exams, but I will find out sometime within the next week.
financially. I had a job interview on Wednesday for a job I had been eyeing for quite some time, the position is a CNA at a crisis center for teens. I went into the interview nervous (who is ever really calm for an interview, anyways?), but God started laying out the domino’s as I walked into the room. I sat down with the interviewer as he pulls out my resume from the stack of other applicants, I could already feel my self sweating in the chilly room. Here’s the dialouge:

interviewer: Oh, you are the one that graduated from ICS.
me: Yes, that is me.
interviewer: I love that school. I used to go to church up in that same building.
me: {baffled} I as well.
interviewer: I thats awesome, I switched churches when a few friends of mine decided to take part in a West Jordan church plant, Lifeline Community. Heard of it?
me: Yes, I have, I worked a few services in their nursery when they rented out the Jordan Landing Cinema. My really good friends Eric + Carla go there, I used to babysit for them all the time.
interviewer: Seriously? They are my best friends. If I may ask, which church do you go to now?
me: Capital Church, up  by the University.
interviewer: Oh,  thats right, I remember reading in your resume you work up there too. That’s awesome.
me: Yes, I love it up there.
interviewer: I just referred some friends of mine up there.  I love their pastor’s family.
interviewer:{flips through my resume} Actually, I know a few of your reffrences personally.
me: Seriously? Wow, small Christian community.
interviewer: If HR let me hire during interviews I would hire you right now, but, I will call you on Friday with a job offer. God bless!

Wow. God, how could your hands not be ALL OVER that one? ps. you rock!! I got the call + I got it! (yay for a job that requires both of my degrees!)

medically. This week was a big one medically, and it went really really well. For the first time in a looong time this babe has gaing x lbs + kept it on for 1 whole  month!!! … don’t judge me, its an accomplishment. Also, I had another EKG, and this time – it was spectacular! Peace out T-wave abnormality + potassium depletion evilness! My very proud doctors gave me my exercise back too! And, I don’t have to come back for 2 whole months, not this every 2 weeks dealio that I have lived with for the past 3 months. Which is crazy awesome, I mean, I have been there sooo often that my sweet MA knows more about my personal life than I think I do… each time she asks me about my wedding plans.

In honor of my accomplishments, I am going to eat this delishness! (:

(Judy – orange cream cookie from My Dough Girl – best cookies in the SL Valley. Hands Down!)