Nov 25 2011

I want to be.

More like this:


And less like this:

Sep 7 2010

a day late.

It may be the day after labour day… but, I had to share these little humors with you. I hope you all had a grand vacation holiday + spent it with those you love <3 - Thanks to the catastrophic greenhouse effect, Labor Day no longer signifies the end of summer - Happy Labor Day to someone who barely labored this year - Here's to hopefully still having jobs when we return from Labor Day weekend - Labor Day is a fitting tribute to the contributions of American workers in industries other than those that recently destroyed America

Nov 12 2009

snl: firelight

Now, SNL has gone way down the hill since Tina Fey, Mike Meyers, Jimmy Fallon & Will Ferrel left the set. But one thing that hasn’t taking that huge of a toll is its digital shorts. This one surely takes the cake on the whole Twilight saga.

Nov 5 2009

are we really?


Nov 5 2009

remember, remember

The 5th of november, gun powder treason + plot. I see of no reason why the 5th november ever be forgot.