I am twentysomething student living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a graduate of the University of Utah, with a bachelors degree in Substance Abuse Counseling & Family Studies. I have recently obtained my license as an Emergency Medical Technician, and am currently working in an Intensive Care Unit. I am married to the most amazing man in the world, who has never given up on me…  I think God is awesome, eating disorders suck + life rocks. I believe that life is a journey that has to be lived through testing and suffering, and that living a life without any sorrow or rejection is impossible, you have no idea what living is if you never experience all sides of the spectrum of joy and heartache, without sorrow there can be no compassion. I live my life to glorify the God that created me, and created this world that I live in, everything I do is an act of worship to Him. I believe that nothing can be done without passion. And it is passion that causes this world to turn, passion is what gives us missionaries, it gives us doctors, it gives us social workers, it gives us musicians, it gives us artists. With passion I strive to change the world into a better place than it was prior to my arrival. With passion I heal, I travel, I dance, I take photos, I hike to explore beauty, I camp to bask in the presence of creation, I cook, I write, I read, I rock climb, I drink highly caffeinated beverages (any passion is amplified over coffee), I also design web pages (like the bad-a one you are visiting right now!) (:

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