A simple quick and easy way to see get a bit of background on me: Biograph

The most detailed list of things that you will ever find about me: My 100 things – {disclaimer: this post is fairly old + some many things may have changed, the author takes no responsibility for illusions made off of this post…}

about allegri.

Here you will find the ramblings of a writer, an EMT, a mental health professional, a wife, rock climber, archer, singer, a lover, web designer, dancer, runner, a twenty something, but most of all a child of God. This site is where I, will post all of my ramblings, adventures and things that I either learned or found completely intoxicatingly interesting. This site may have changed hosts and domains many times throughout its run since 1999, after much thought and deliberation, I decided that removing everything prior to 2005 would be best, not only for the viewers, but for my own personal sanity. Somethings are better left in past per say.

why allegri?

Allegri, is Italian for “the joyful”. For a few years this site bounced around with many different names; “the revolution”, “peace walkers”, “isaiahsevennine” – one of my favorite verses! –  but eventually I  decided that this revolution needed to move its motors and become a solid source of encouragement, peace + hope, hence – allegri.


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