MATH 1040 – Reflection

Katilyn Pangborn
MATH 1040-048
Prof. Frank McGrade


Throughout the statistical projects of this class I have learned a lot about how Math, and Statistics relates to treatment in the health care world. I asked around while working on projects for this class “how many times have you used statistics since learning it in class” and was slightly depressed (just kidding) when I heard a resounding, “we use it everyday, even if we are not the ones doing the math or data collection – medicine relies on statistical analysis.” Throughout the course of this class I have been able to apply many of the techniques that we have learned into risk and benefit analysis that has assisted in paving a way for my continued educational plans of nursing school. With this last project that we have completed, we analyzed a woman’s shoe size in relation to her height. Through this project it helped me get a first hand experience of forming a hypothesis, collecting data, analyzing said data, interpret the data, and in turn being able to reject or approve our hypothesis – in this cause, we approved our hypothesis that there is a correlation between a woman’s height and shoe size.