May 4 2013

Dirty Shoes. Dirty Dog. Darn Good Days.

20130503-010321.jpgWe recently took a sweet little mini vacation to celebrate our two year anniversary (I can’t believe two years have passed so quickly!) Our little 3 day adventure took us away from the monotony of work and school and we traveled down to Escalante, Utah with exploring on our minds. We planned a trip that we could take our dear 1.5yr old pup, Penny, on and have some good off leash wandering for our little adventurer. This was Penny’s first camping trip and she handled it like a champ, despite having trouble with being able to hear and not see the outside sounds from within the tent at night. We wore her out on the second day of hiking after a good 10 miles she was totally pooped for the next few days. There are a lot of really great pet friendly areas to hike in southern Utah, however be sure to stay away from National Parks as they are NOT pet friendly. We really enjoyed the calf creek falls trails, red canyon and the petrified forest.

It was really amazing to just get away from the city for a few days. A definite must when there is school and work always pulling us in different directions. Can’t wait for our next adventure!

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May 3 2013

MATH 1040 – Final Project

MATH 1040 Final Project
MATH 1040 – Group 3 Term Presentation


May 3 2013

SuperSize Me

Supersize Me
Katilyn Pangborn
HEALTH 1020-SP13

[ABSTRACT: In attempt to dramatize the human condition of the fat epidemic in America, Morgan Spurlock created an experiment in which he ate only McDonalds food for one-month time. This is a deconstruction of his film and the nutrition perspectives that are present throughout his montage.]

The documentary Supersize Me is an experiment completed by Morgan Spurlock to emphasize the fat epidemic that is currently plaguing the United States. Spurlock is an independent filmmaker with a Bachelor of the Fine Arts that he received in 1993 from New York University, he wrote, directed and was the main star of this documentary. This film was produced in 2004 in various locations of the United States. Spurlock would eat at McDonalds everyday for one month; this experiment had 5 simple rules:
– He must fully eat 3 meals from McDonalds every day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– He must consume every item on the McDonalds menu at least once throughout these 30 days.
– He must only consume items throughout these 30 days that are on the McDonalds menu. No outside consumption was allowed.
– He must supersize the meal when offered, but only when offered.
– He will walk only as much as the average American– 5,000 steps a day.
The central theme of this film was to point out how unhealthy large portions of American’s eat, as well as how unhealthy their diets are when lacking in exercise, known as the “fat epidemic”. Throughout this film Spurlock documented how the fast-food industry encourages poor nutrition that takes a dramatic toll on its consumers for its own profit. These themes are strongly applicable today as we continue to see the decreasing cost of fast food and the ever-increasing cost of produce and organic, healthy goods. In America, as a nation we continue to eat fast food and blame its effects on our bodies on the industry and neglect our own personal responsibility. There are many factors that have caused the “fat epidemic” although the three that will be highlighted here are, variety in meals, nutrient density/ caloric content, and limited exercise.
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May 2 2013

MATH 1040 – Reflection

Katilyn Pangborn
MATH 1040-048
Prof. Frank McGrade


Throughout the statistical projects of this class I have learned a lot about how Math, and Statistics relates to treatment in the health care world. I asked around while working on projects for this class “how many times have you used statistics since learning it in class” and was slightly depressed (just kidding) when I heard a resounding, “we use it everyday, even if we are not the ones doing the math or data collection – medicine relies on statistical analysis.” Throughout the course of this class I have been able to apply many of the techniques that we have learned into risk and benefit analysis that has assisted in paving a way for my continued educational plans of nursing school. With this last project that we have completed, we analyzed a woman’s shoe size in relation to her height. Through this project it helped me get a first hand experience of forming a hypothesis, collecting data, analyzing said data, interpret the data, and in turn being able to reject or approve our hypothesis – in this cause, we approved our hypothesis that there is a correlation between a woman’s height and shoe size.