Life Span Development Reflection

Katilyn Pangborn
FHS 1500-043-SP13
Prof. Suzy Santos


The assignment that I have chosen to highlight for this general education course is that of my term project, a brief documentary throughout my life thus far. This assignment connected me into our text, Invitation to the lifespan, by K. Berger – as I delved into my past I continued to see connections that I had not made while reading the text originally. The final projects of compiling eras of my past brought to me understand how I viewed my world, and my experiences within it. This general education course also intertwined much with what I have been learning throughout my nutrition course as it had me focus on an experience that formed who I am today, as well as my desires to continue on in my education of health care. A challenge that I faced while writing my final project paper for Lifespan development was facing my past, and many areas that have very painful emotions connected to them. I challenged myself to face these and continue to triumph over the pain that they have once exhumed over my life.