christmas crafty.

We are getting stoked for this holiday season, with it being out first holiday season with in a house of our own, it really strikes home with how much space we have to decorate! I had a few days off in a row last week, so I decided to work on some holiday projects that I had found on Pinterest! And I must say, despite the pain in my hands from tying knots, I am quite pleased in how these turned out! The garlands are just a strand of Christmas Lights, with 6 inch ribbon / fabric scraps, tied between each light. For the first strand i did about 10 pieces between each light, but it was way to dense, I would suggest 6 or less. Which I did on my second strand (and soon too be third). ┬áSecondly, do not use ribbon that has wire in it… I am sure you can figure out why (;

And, I will leave you with this totally adorbs photo of miss Penny.