Sep 24 2012

fall, sweet fall.

Colors are changing, leaves are falling, the air is crisp and cool; And beautiful pumpkins are added to the decor everywhere you turn. Lets take this wonderful sense of fall to the desert table, and your holiday parties! Kate’s Pop’s brings you the delicious tastes of fall, ready to tickle your taste buds. Introducing….

Order today, and be the hit of the holidays!

Sep 10 2012

one cent barks.

Party! Party! Its sweet Penny pooch’s first birthday! See that face? Just drooling with excitement, eagerly awaiting the words. GO! Get it.

In honor of her first birthday, I whipped up a recipe I found on pinterest for a yummy frozen puppy treat. (I made a large batch to use up some materials)

3 Apples – peeled, cored, and chopped

5 Bananas – Old frozen ones work great!

4 large spoonfuls of Peanut Butter

1/2 Soy Milk

Blend the ingredients together, and separate into little dishes that you won’t mind the pup tossing around the backyard. I topped ours off with little milk bones. Freeze, and treat your sweet pup to a organic healthy cold treat on a hot summer’s day!

Penny also had her first swim in a pool this weekend! Each fall, once pools begin to close for the year, many in the Salt Lake area, have a little event called “dippin dogs, doggy days”. Before pools drain out for the year, for a small fee allow dogs to come have their share of the pool fun. And boy, was it! Penny was apprehensive at first, but once she saw all the other pups jump right in, she decided to go for it.

Party on!

Sep 6 2012


Dear blogosphere,

Where has the time gone? Days seem to fly by so fast, with so much to do and so little time to complete all the tasks set forth for the day. We have moved into our new home! It’s a beautiful little split level 2 story home, with plenty of room for eventual growth, and way to many places for Penny to hide! Penny adores her new backyard, although she still prefers if someone goes out with her to play, despite her insane high-tail running in circles throughout the entire yard while we watch. Speaking of… Its her first Birthday TODAY!!


Life has been incredibly good; we are still adjusting to having a home, and the perpetual unpacking. Finding spaces to put photos and furniture has been interesting since we have about a million prints, and 5 pieces of furniture… It’s getting there. Currently the home looks only half lived in.

I have been working a lot of nights, which continues to make the unpacking a struggle, as we have limited time together and really don’t want to spend it organizing all of the time!

On another note, we have had the pleasure of having our sweet niece, E stay with my parents for the past two weeks! Since she lives literally half way across the globe, it has been amazing to have so much time to spend with her, even though her sweet parents were not able to stay visit too. We have had so much fun taking her to the park, the pool, Tracy Aviary, the zoo, Apollo Burger – girly will eat anything dunked in fry sauce; Starbucks! hahaha, (baby LOVES her some soy chai!) I can’t believe she leaves tomorrow! Breaks my heart.
Dear T+K, MOVE TO THE STATES!! Love, a very sad Aunt.