a golden quarter century.

Yesterday, was my eleventy first birthday! Kidding, kidding… Although some times it feels as though I am inching closer and closer to those scary numbers, with only the hope of an alluring ring to help yield off old age. Yesterday, I reached to landmark birthdays in one foul swoop – my Golden birthday, and┬ámy quarter century. Yep, that makes me feel old.

I had a fabulous birthday, filled with family, friends, way too much food, cake with my co-workers, and even bed-ridden patients hollering out a grand ol’ birthday song. (that last one will surely make you feel special, cause it sure made my day) Here are a few photos from the wonderful birthday week!

Co-workers bought me cake! Josh say’s he “doesn’t like frosting” hence the piece he took. Also, notice the “candles”? … yes, they are toothettes.

Delicious dinner with the fam at Benihana! Gotta love traditions!

New fave drink: Kahlua and silk, with a dash of whipped vodka.
Thanks Moose for introducing me to it!

In other news… We close on our house in a week! A scary, exciting, new phase of our lives is getting ready to be ushered in as we end our lives as apartment dwellers! Penny is stoked to have a backyard!