on the hunt.

Well Friends, we have began the house hunt!

 And needless to say, it hasn’t been much of a joy ride, but more of a ride through space mountain when you have motion sickness. Looking for homes is the fun part, finding houses to pursue as potential homes to grow in is amazing. But, it is also stressful, we have found many that homes that we like, but have been unable to hook before another person drives the going price up beyond our limits. Secondly, I amazed at how expensive some homes get priced when they have unfinished basements, ancient kitchens, zero backyard, no garage, or look in absolutely horrible refute. We were very lucky to have a family friend whom we have known for years who is a realtor and continuously is looking out for us and our interests. She is amazing + I recommend her to anyone in the house hunt, Linda Incardine.

Thirdly, mortgage brokers lie. We are currently renting an apartment and pay $1,200 a month for rent + utilities (water, electricity, cable + internet), when we first met with a mortgage broker he stated that if we continued pay the same rent for 30years we would have paid out $432k and no no equity. Wow. So we should easily be able to afford a $250k home with extra to spare, right? WRONG. After all of the INSANE amount of fee’s and interest we would pay $1,700 a month (before utilities)! Holy freaking crap. No thanks. After we politely asked him to recalculate numbers so we would have a payment similar to that of what we are currently paying we got a much much lower number for approval. I am amazed at how wily these characters are. At one point they even told us that it we “should make some sacrifices” to be able to have a nice home.  *AHEM, is this thing on?* “Hello, my name is Kate, and I would prefer not to be house poor”.