Not the cone of shame!

I think the hardest part of having a pet who is recovering from surgery is attempting to keep them mellow. Our little lady is as crazy as ever. Despite hiding all of her “fetch” toys, she still randomly comes bounding down the hall-through the office- over the bed-back to the living room. Despite all my attempts to calm her, walk her, and keep her generally calm; I am failing.

We’ve thought of giving her the middle name of “chainsaw” for the hackjob of scrapes we have attained over our past months. (shes a love jumper, and man those claws are sharp!) But then her initials would be PCP, and well that just sounds wrong. However, her behavior sometimes makes me wonder if our dog food is tainted with it.

After many countoursonist acts, she has been deemed untrustable, and placed under close supervision. Work schedules have been re-arranged, and to her enjoyment, sleeping arrangements also have been changed. Instead of having her sleep in her crate in another room (while a terrified me dreams of her opening her stitches + having an evisceration)… We’ve tried having her sleep on the floor of our room, but moments after we were all snuggly settled she would come bounding up on to the bed and happily slink into the center of the bed. Cone and all. After nights of fighting over “her bed”, “our bed”… We broke, we gave in, we started a habit well have fun attempting to break once she is medically clear. Over many nights of her stiff legging me for my 1/2 of the bed, she has finally settled for the lower unoccupied center.