well hello, 2012

I sit here on the first day of 2012, surrounded by glimmering Christmas tree, my sweet husband, and a puppy sleeping at my feet, with How I Met Your Mother’s humor drowning in the background, from the television. There is laundry and dishes to be done, but instead I sit here, browsing pinterest, and searching for cake pop supplies on amazon. Soaking in life. Reminiscing on how tantalizing life is, and how surreal it can get.

This past year has been a real journey for us, we got married in April! We’ve both gotten new jobs, we got a puppy, we almost bought a house. We’ve had ups and downs, but God has been there with us through it all.

Each year, there’s always this pressure to create resolutions, and I’ll be honest with you, I am terrible with them. I usually stay strong for about… 10 days. I don’t know why I am really so bad with holding out. Or even just being accountable to them. Especially since I make them. Me. Not someone else deciding what my life should be. And each year I say that I’m going to be different, that this year is a game changer. Well, this year has to be. Come on folks, lets switch up this ride.

Maybe I need to start on smaller scale resolutions that I can tackle, for one, shying away from that ever elusive, darn scale. This year, things are going to be different. This year I am going to accomplish my goals!

1. Get fit (read: acquire muscles). Yes this girlfriend would love to lose weight, but we all know the backwards spiral that would ensue. But no, this is not what I mean, and since surgeons don’t give muscle implants to puny girls, I best get my workout gear on… And actually lift some weights.

2. To get my cake pop business off the ground. And to actually start making money. Hey y’all buy my cake pops!

3. To keep a tidy home. Well, that’s self explanatory. To get off my ever growing derrière and polish off those shelves from their ever growing layer of dust… And put away the multiple baskets of clean laundry…

4. To begin my prerequisites for the PA program. And continue to jump on every learning opportunity I can, to make me the most stellar candidate.

5.To read more. Peeps, girlfriend needs some recommendations! I love action thrillers and suspense books.

What are your resolutions this year? How are you planning on revolutionizing your life and making a better you?