six and counting.

On a blustery day in January 2006, a young man greeted me at the Salt Lake City Airport. This man is my best friend, but today, the arrival was not how I had expected. I am a people watcher. As I scanned the crowd, I see a soldier returning home; hugging his young children. I see many anxiously waiting family members arrivals, while others are un-patiently waiting for there baggage to come spinning down the carousel. My eyes still scanning, I have to read it a second time before it registers, to me. The last sign I saw had my last name on it. I look again, above the sign is the nerdy face of a man I know. A smile breaks across my face, one month away was too long. I walk, still not noticing the brilliant yellow roses in his other hand. Soon we are face too face. My heart races. I am twitter-pated.

Little did I know at this time, that this handsome man would one day become my husband.

Its been six incredible years, filled with adventure, trials, tribulations, travel, and puppies. Heres to the next 6x6x6! (:

Best friends are the best.