and the growth spurt continues!

Our little bean sprout just keeps on growing like a weed! Her current stats are:

Weight: 21lbs

Length: 26in

Height: 18in

Everyday our not so little pup learns something new, unfortunately, its not always something we want her to learn… Specifically realizing that she is now tall enough she can get her front feet on the counter, and her nose over the edge to see what is just out of her reach. We are in the process of teaching her “out of the kitchen” and she is slowly catching on, however the whole sit-and-stay part of that doesn’t last very long. The other day she finally mastered rolling over in both directions. And will “leave it” for nearly two minutes when a treat is placed in front of her. One of her favorite activities is to burrow under our bed, the other day she pushed out some rubbermaid boxes holding out of season clothes…

Sawyer made this cute montage of her the other day:

So cute, I think we will keep her (;