Jan 28 2012

be mine, sweet valentine

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, instead of passing on cheesy valentines day cards, pass on some real love and bring your sweet a home made treat? This year Kate’s Pops will be serving up some special treats just for you.

Valentines flavors:

Red Velvet – A delicious red velvet cake, with a hint of cream cheese.

Red Velvet Cheesecake – A tantalizing mix of red velvet and cheesecake.

Strawberry – A delightful strawberry cake, with a hint cream cheese.

Tiramisu – A tempting coffee cake, with a hint of brandy and cream.

Vanilla Caramel – A captivating mix of french vanilla cake, and sweet caramel.

All flavors can be made with either milk, dark or white chocolate.

Cake pops are $10 a dozen, with delivery or pick up with the Salt Lake Area.

Contact: allegri{at}andkate{dot}org to place your order; and for information on other flavors, specific designs or possible shipping.

Jan 25 2012

six and counting.

On a blustery day in January 2006, a young man greeted me at the Salt Lake City Airport. This man is my best friend, but today, the arrival was not how I had expected. I am a people watcher. As I scanned the crowd, I see a soldier returning home; hugging his young children. I see many anxiously waiting family members arrivals, while others are un-patiently waiting for there baggage to come spinning down the carousel. My eyes still scanning, I have to read it a second time before it registers, to me. The last sign I saw had my last name on it. I look again, above the sign is the nerdy face of a man I know. A smile breaks across my face, one month away was too long. I walk, still not noticing the brilliant yellow roses in his other hand. Soon we are face too face. My heart races. I am twitter-pated.

Little did I know at this time, that this handsome man would one day become my husband.

Its been six incredible years, filled with adventure, trials, tribulations, travel, and puppies. Heres to the next 6x6x6! (:

Best friends are the best.

Jan 24 2012

oh, the places you’ll go… without me.

Over New Years, My sister and Mother ditched us to fly half-way across the globe and spend the Holiday with my brothers family who were vacationing there. A balmy 95*, while we are stuck in the frigid 30’s. Another couple stamps in the passport. Seeing our sweet 9 month old niece. In short, I was immensenly jealous. We were invited to join in the rendezvous, however, unfortunately, we did not have $3,000 to drop on a vacation. Le sigh.

Well, my family went to Dubai, and all I got was a arabic Mt. Dew. I bet it tastes delicious, I wouldn’t know though, because it was empty… How sweet. LAAAAAAME. Funny story about it though, my sister saw it at the airport on her way out, and was thought that it would be an awesome gift, little did she remember that it was before she went through security… so, she had to drink it. Actually, in all honesty, they did bring some cool stuff back, including the stellar “Dubai” Starbucks mug, to add to our collection… That I am currently drinking out of. Ps. Kahula spiked White Mocha’s are pretty grand.


Their pictures are breathtaking. Someday, we will make there. Someday, we will travel the entirety of the globe. Someday, whenever we are soberly missing our sweet little Ev, we will hop on a plane and fly directly wherever she resides. How can you not just be completely smitten with that face. I miss her dearly. I really really really hope that we will be able to make it to Florida to see her in March for her 1st birthday. It will be her 2nd trip stateside. I hope she does well. Its insane to think that she is quiet the world traveler already. I bet she has more stamps in her baby passport than I did at her age.

In an effort to get us moving, here is our current top expedition wish list:

1. Moscow, Russia

2. Vancouver, Canada

3. Swaziland, Africa – Praying for Spring 2013.

4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Sydney, Australia

We are excepting donations to the cause. Just kidding. But really…  *hint hint*

Jan 12 2012

and the growth spurt continues!

Our little bean sprout just keeps on growing like a weed! Her current stats are:

Weight: 21lbs

Length: 26in

Height: 18in

Everyday our not so little pup learns something new, unfortunately, its not always something we want her to learn… Specifically realizing that she is now tall enough she can get her front feet on the counter, and her nose over the edge to see what is just out of her reach. We are in the process of teaching her “out of the kitchen” and she is slowly catching on, however the whole sit-and-stay part of that doesn’t last very long. The other day she finally mastered rolling over in both directions. And will “leave it” for nearly two minutes when a treat is placed in front of her. One of her favorite activities is to burrow under our bed, the other day she pushed out some rubbermaid boxes holding out of season clothes…

Sawyer made this cute montage of her the other day:

So cute, I think we will keep her (;

Jan 12 2012

dearest victor…

The other night, we had a tragedy occur, we lost a loved one, in our own home. The un-timely death rocked everyone, and everything in its quake. I wish I could put to words what this experience was like, but really it just emotionally broke me. Losing something you have spent years with will do that to you. My mind keeps spinning thinking what I did wrong, “was the water too warm?”, “Did I not handle you carefully enough?”, “Did we use you too much?”. The moment you met your final demise, Victor, well, a little part of me died. I should have seen it coming, my sinuses had been feeling it for days, yet, I failed to notice that maybe you, dear Victor, were not feeling well either. And for that, I had failed you.

What would I do without your humidification in my life? I’m not going to lie, you were not my “reason to breathe”, but surely you had done sooooo much to assist in making it easier for me everyday. *sigh*  And so, I had to move on. Blogosphere, Meet, Victor 2.0.