it’s beginning to look a lot like.


(and that we have a 3 month old puppy)

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday has past, and the turkey + sweet potato leftovers have been depleted, Christmas has hit the Pangborn household. All of our Christmas decorations  have been waiting ever so patiently in the closet, however I can hear them whispering at night, just begging each other to stage a coup and break free. Despite my desire to decorate the minute after Thanksgiving dinner was consumed, we have been quite apprehensive with our 3 month old teething puppy with toddler-like-tantrums.

At PetSmart the other day I saw this hat, it was super cheap. And hey, it was totally worth a shot to see if she would tolerate it. Well, She didn’t. And she saw me put it away and keeps trying to attack the cabinet it is in. Crazy girl.

The tree went up without a hitch, minus the little runt trying to nibble on the branches, and make confetti out of the boxes. Once the tree was up, it’s still it is only mildly decorated (must prevent loss of decorations, in the event of a “tree tipping”), we attempted to take some photos of miss Penny. And I am amazed at how well she sat and stayed! She as very easily distracted by the flash and always wanted to check it out after it went of. It seriously reminded me of little kids – how they immediately run to the camera screaming “I want to see!” haha. I love her. Here are some shots we got. 

This time of year tends to really make me baby hungry. Not that I want to be preggo, no siree! But the memories of all of the great seasons past flow to the top of my mind, and make me extra eager to start traditions of my own. We are super excited this year to start traditions that will continue throughout our lives together and one day be able to pass on to children of our own. But it really makes me wonder. How on earth are we going to teach our children about Christmas, especially… Santa. *gasp*  

Oh, and Christmas cake pop baking has ensued! Stay tuned! (: