growing. Growing. GROWING!

Oh me, Oh my. Our “little” lady has got a growth spurt going at full speed ahead. At this rate, she will be 3 times her current size by 6months! Well… we hope she doesn’t get much bigger than projected – My fingers are crossed that she stays in the 30-45lb range. We have had our sweet Penny for a month. Man, Time flies.  Our little puppy just keeps growing! 

Penny had a vet visit this week for her boosters on her vaccines, of which, she was not too pleased. However, our Veterinary team is amazing, and get a gold star in displeased pet distraction techniques. She took her shots like a champ, however she was inching towards the door the second her treats had disapeared from in front of her. Her current stats are:

weight: 15 lbs

length: 24 inches

height: 16 inches

This past week she figured out, much to our dismay, that she could make one bounding leap over the baby gates to free herself from the “quarantine”.  The Christmas tree is still only minimally decorated, and has a barricade around it to prevent the nibbler from making an afternoon snack out of the Christmas lights + fake pine. She still is quite the expert napper, and will go almost instantaneously from her crazy-running-wild stage, into out-cold-on-the-floor stage in seconds flat. Puppy proofing the house has become the ultimate game for her, because as soon as we feel safe that there is nothing she can get into (read: destroy) she proves us ill-fated in our endeavors. She has figured out that she is tall enough to reach her little snout up on the edge of the counter, if she stretches as tall as she can… just maybe momma will share a cake pop? pwwwwweaaaaaseee…

Meanwhile, I swear I will keep the miracle grow out of her food…