Nov 25 2011

I want to be.

More like this:


And less like this:

Nov 23 2011

Crate training. Not for the week of heart.

Have you ever lived with a pet? Specifically a pet the is not used to being alone? How about one that sounds like someone is trying to commit bloody murder when she is left in the crate alone? Oy. My ears, my poor neighbors ears! She does ok throughout the day… when someone is home. But you shut that crate and she hears you put shoes on… hell breaks loose. I really want to set up a recorder or video camera to find out how long it takes her to settle after we have left. During the night, if she falls asleep in her crate while we are still in the room, she will sleep for most of the night. But when she does wake up, it takes her quite some time to quiet back down enough that she wont wake the entire building if left to her own devices.

PEE ON ALL THE THINGS! Specifically the hallway carpet. Now that doesn’t make mommy look terrible while she is walking little miss inside… I think we are now onto our second bottle of Resolve in the past 5 days.

Nov 21 2011

doesn’t this just melt your heart?

Nov 21 2011

Ekkk! Not the carpet!

Penny is a wonderful dog, she is incredibly well mannered (with the exception of severe separation anxiety), and a super fast learner, and a total snuggler.

However, potty training is proving to be a real struggle. Before we adopted Penny, she lived on a farm, little miss was an outside dog, she had free potty territory over anything she saw fit. Thankfully, she is smart and realizes she doesn’t want to eliminate by her bed, but she is struggling with the whole “potty on grass” part. We have the fancy little chux potty pads, which she has successfully done her business on a few times, a little (fake) grass pan on the patio success x4, and a large real grass area outside success x10 … Oh, and the apartment carpet success xCrapI’veLostCount.

We have been vigilant about taking her out every hour during the when we are home, and when she wakes up at night (usually only once), and she is usually pretty good about going. However, she tends to have residuals and potty’s again, inside¬†within minutes after returning from a successful potty. Today, thankfully we have had only one “accident”, ¬†and she is surely getting the hang of potty training. Penny tends to struggle with wanting more to play and wander when we go outside to potty, than she wants to get business done. Understandable. However, I think this might be adding to her accident prone-ness since she has played, and is now tired, she quickly attempts to finish the job and run back inside. Thoughts? Suggestions? HELP PLEASE HERE PEOPLE! My carpet will thank you.

However, with the looming cold weather, I hope she doesn’t revert back to the potty anywhere strategy…

Oy. I hope we can save the carpet.

Nov 19 2011

Introducing Penny.

On 17November2011, this little lady was welcomed into our family. She is 10 weeks old and a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Catahoula. Her name is Penny, and she has stolen our hearts.

Weight: 11.4 lbs
Height: 12 inches
Length: 17 inches

Likes: blankets, snuggles, puppy chow, chicken bone squeaky toy, watching outside through the window.
Dislikes: being in the crate (on her own terms), the stairs… and elevator.

Adopting Penny
When we met Penny, she was living on a farm in Northern Utah, with the remainder of her siblings. These 6 little puppies lived on the farm in a quite large outside den, all snuggled together for warmth. When the puppies where all released from there pen to come play, many scattered, running to + fro. However, little miss came right up to us, cocked her head + stared, intrigued at the strangers in her home at such an odd hour. Penny however is easily distracted + ran off to join the trouble making crowd in the stable, and torment another younger litter still in their den.
Penny was more interested in us than any of the other puppies, she was significantly calmer, and a teensy bit smaller than the rest. Penny quickly began trying to keep Sawyer’s attention, she just gazes at you until she is too tired to continue… or distracted by a sound. We decided we needed miss Penny in our lives.
We had came prepared and clipped a collar and leash around her tiny little neck…. then panic erupted. Mount Vesuvius blew. She freaked, living on a ranch in the middle of no where, no one had ever subjected her to such torture! As we tried to calm her, her siblings tried to nibble the collar off her neck (to no avail, thankfully).
Once papers where signed + all questions answered, we loaded into the car, Penny in tow. And began our long drive home. And she did amazing. We made a few potty stops and she, by the grace of God, went each time. Despite her despise of the leash. (click on the link to fully understand, her despise) With only one little spat of puppy vomit, we made it home safe. We even stopped at petsmart, and within MINUTES began walking side by side on the leash.
Once home the real party began. Crate training. Alone. No other puppies to cuddle with. She wandered in to get treats a few times on her own, but cried bloody murder once the door was closed. Even with us right outside of the crate trying to calm her… This was a many hour long battle that ended up with Penny commandeering the entire second bathroom for the night, while Sawyer laid outside the door until she feel asleep. Which ended up being nearly 2am. NOT in the crate mind you.
Tonight thankfully was a much better night for her, she slept in the crate for an hour with us in the room, then slept for 5 hours before waking up to potty, which she did successfully! Then back asleep till 7am, she still “needs” to have someone near her until she falls asleep (in her mind, and for the neighbors sanity). Right now little miss is sweetly dreaming in her crate for her morning nap.