all hallows eve

I’ve never been one who enjoys halloween much. Maybe as a young child it was different, but since I hit 14, it was just became some ridiculous event where you walk the neighborhood asking strangers for crappy candy you won’t even end up eating, and freezing your tooshy off. In fact, many years we our costumes looked less like the little mermaid… and more like this.

No thanks. (No thats not actually a picture of me, but it was sure close to what it looked like) Halloween soon became a time to just hang out with friends, watching movies, and having your parents only buy the candy you like, then handing out all the candy you don’t like out to the young kids that come to your door. And if a teen comes the door, the lights go out. Sorry, no candy here.

I have never understood how adults think its ok to go trick or treating? I mean really? Its pathetic. Go buy your own darn candy. Grow a pair. And don’t even dare to drive drunk down my street where my friends kids all play. Yeah sure, get dressed up, have fun with your friends, go to a stupid haunted house, and party the night away. But if you come near my kid. All bets are off.

I just don’t understand it. Maybe most of these concerns will get thrown out the window with the excitement of our child’s first Halloween and dressing them up like a dinosaur, or doctor, or whatever is the current meme.

It’s got me thinking, what will we do when we have kids? How do we present this “holiday” to my child and explain that it is just a fun time to dress up, and throw that ONE RULE out the window? Come on. Don’t talk to strangers. And then secondly? Don’t take candy from strangers. Oy. My head hurts just thinking about the costs incurred in purchasing an x-ray machine for the home… Maybe I can convince the hospital to just let me take a few films of my future child’s candy bag prior to them eating a taffy with a razor blade.