baby cakes: a review

OK, ok, I hear you all. Specifically  you Nicolesy. And Jamie too! I know this is nearly 2 months late, but here we go, here is my review of the baby cakes cake pop maker.

On 20June2011, I wandered off to Kohl’s and picked up the all elusive Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker. I was eager to try this method of making cake pops as the method I learned from blog stalking, was quite tedious. The box said it was very easy, and I do agree, it very much was. After mixing up some delicious cake batter, and prying myself away from the bowl + not eat all of the batter prior to baking.

The maker, much like that of a waffle iron, had 12 half circles on each part of the iron. Each crevasse requires 1 tablespoon of batter. I found that it was easiest to fill them using a plastic bag filled with the batter + a cut corner.

By the time that I could get all of them filled, the first was already starting to sizzle. Once I had them all ready to go, I shut the little lid + waited for the red light to pop on indicating that my cake pops were all done. It took about 3 minutes + the cake pops came out very easily. The maker came with a little holder to place all of my little delights before devouring them. The downside is, it only holds 12.

After coating + decorating these beauties, I gave one a try. The cakes were a little dry, tasting more like a munchkin, than a truffle like the ones that Starbucks has me addicted to. Maybe it was just my batter + I should try making a batter with some pudding in it to make it richer. I wasn’t the greatest fan of the dryness, but my sweet sister-in-law gobbled all that I had up.

Pros: much faster, lower calories (no frosting inside)

Cons: Dry (no frosting)

So, I am still sold on my prior recipe using the frosting. But Hey, I am a TOTAL sugar addict. So, whatever the rest of you enjoy, Its a great investment that I will probably re-tool to make doughnuts (: