May 23 2011

day 1.

This weekend, the hubs and I went plant shopping and procured tomatoes, basil + cilantro. We both have had very bad luck previously with plants, and are praying for better results this time around! Stop by in a month-or-two for some yummy meals made with homegrown herbs!

day 1, and the plants are still alive!

May 23 2011

hawaii 5-0.

Well friends, I guess since its been a month that we have been married, I should probably throw out an update, now + again. I’ll at least pretend that you have all missed my posts. (:

One month ago, my best friend + I were married in South Jordan, Utah! We went on an amazing honeymoon, in Hawaii. We traveled throughout the Big Island, and Oahu, and created many new adventures. We spent days in the Jeep – off roading over lava fields, and rode mopeds through Honolulu , witnessed awe striking thunderstorms, and spent way too much money at the pool bar.

Needless to say, we might just have to move there…