my dough girl.

Pin me up. Pucker up. Baby, don’t break my heart.

It’s not often I write a review about a dinning experience, but this one must be told. This is a story about a sweet baker with a knack for cookies + how she stole my heart paycheck.

This post *may* be an attempt at winning the ever so sweet, owner + creative master-mind Tami Cromar’s heart, affection + maybe some cookies for ma-belly! (;

Setting the scene: it was crisp fall day, Sawyer + I were wondering downtown with the Photowalking Utah troupe. As we meandered around, photographing vintage automobiles, decrepit buildings, and the eclectic shops strewn about our great city,  we stumbled upon a gem that has lured me to this day.

We wandering to this quaint little sweets-stop, nestled between an antique furniture store and an assortment of seemingly vacant buildings, then known as “My Dough Girl“, now “Ruby Snap“, has brought unequivocal vibrancy to the street.  Upon walking into the shop your mind will be swept to cloud 9, as the aromas of freshly baked cookies wisks you away into a dream land/trance. Each cookie is filled with unique flavor combinations that you will find no where else – And each cleverly named after a 1950’s pin up girl – much it easier to remember the name “Scarlett” or “Judy” than it is to remember every decadenet ingredient in these sweet creations! These cookies will surely make you sexy + stunning like the lavishly goregous women chosen to represent each treat.

Each day the girls at Ruby Snap, serve up 12 signature creations  for the masses. Ok, mostly just for me + my ginormous appetite. As well, each month, I am lured in to taste their monthly special – February + March have always been my favorite.

So, go in today! Try one (or all of them ;) Here are my some  favorites:

Lucy (March’s specialty cookie)



Trust me though, you want this girl’s cookies.