7 day slumber.

This past wednesday, I came home from working a graveyard shift, feeling a little more weaker than usual, I clambered into bed + doozed off quickly. I awoke 4 hours later with gut wrenching pain, + nausea. Something was not right. I passed it off as a stomach bug, or some bad food, chugged back some pepto bismol + ibuprofen and decided that it was not going to get worse. ha. Boy was I wrong. Mere hours later my body was shaking, shivering. I swear to death that the thermostat was reading wrong as it bodly stated it was 72* in the house. I was in the middle of a blizzard in a swim suit, as I threw on more + more layers of clothing + enough blankets to create a suana in the room. Its just a cold. Its just a cold. I told my self over + over again.

My stomach still in pain, and my  bowels seemingly attempting to make an escape from my core. I reached for the thermometer. Beep. The number glared at me from the screen flashing its  indigo light – 102.4. I can’t deny it anymore, it was definetly not just a cold. I knew the symptoms, whether I wanted to believe it or not. I called up my doctor + ran to the clinic to get tested.  If you can avoid it, at all costs I urge you to avoid the test (many providers with prescribe flu medications with suspition of the flu + do not require the test – although many employers will require documentation of the flu test). The test is quick, but horrible. HORRIBLE. I tell you. Yes, that entire nine inch swab goes up your nose until it can’t go any farther. Ow. my.nose.was.violated.

The doctor told me it would take about 24hours to get the results, but would started treating for the flu immeaditely. She wrote me my prescriptions + I was on my way. Little known fact: Most Utah pharmacies don’t keep tamiflu in stock all season – call before you go. so, I have the flu – life can’t get much worse can it? Yes. Yes, it very much can. You know what is worse than having the flu? Having the flu + having to go on a wild goose chase get your medications.

The next morning the doctor called me, my results had came back. Influenza B. Pleasent surprise, right? I needed to be isolated for atleast 5 days. Great – I thought, I can get so much reading done. NOT. This is litterally how I spent the next 5 following days + nights, up for half hour periods ever 6-8 hours to take meds + attempt to eat. Which usually returned itself unpleasently moments later. Peaceful right?

But in all reality, it looked alot more like this:

It’s Thursday now, one week later + I am finally feeling like I actually belong in the land of the living.  Today was my first day back at work with much thanks to some major TLC from my mother + fiancee; tamiflu; and my ever trusty vicks humidifier (God send it is really). Needless to say, I was exhausted ALL DAY. Goodness, Its hard to get back into the swing of things after being comatose for a week.