Jan 14 2011

95 days

Well, we are down to less than 100 days until our married life begins, and as everyone has warned – things have gotten crazy. Turbulent rather. On day 99, God threw us a curve ball, one none of us could have foreseen. Sawyer was laid off (along with 1/5 of his office mates) from his job of the past 18 months. Stability is non existent. And nothing is eternal outside God, and the commitment between Sawyer + I.  its been a terrible struggle trying to continue to plan our wedding and hoping that God will provide a position for him. He has spent the last few days searching the internet for jobs + has applied to over 100 positions.

Please pray.

We have learned a hard lesson. Save.  Save.Save.Save. My parents have always said when we were growing up to have atleast 3 months of paychecks in the bank saved away for a rainy day. Well, here is our rainy day, and we surely didn’t have it. Thankfully, his company provided a pension plan, but who knows how long it will be before a position comes up…

I hate these lessons…

In retrospect, maybe it was a blessing in a horrible disquise.

Jan 1 2011

top tens to goodbye 2010

Ten awesomeness’s of 2010:
1. All the many moments of Wedding Planning.
2. Sawyer graduating from the U.
3. Finding out I will be in Aunt.
4. Signing the lease on our new apartment.
5. Finding the perfect dress.
6. Buying a warm mist vapor humidifier.
7. Landing an amazing job.
8. Becky coming to visit.
9. Overcoming ED, instead of being overcame by it.
10. My kick-a family.

Ten reasons why I am glad 2010 is over:
1. The bulk of wedding planning is behind me.
2. Horrible job experiences.
3. Getting smacked in the face twice on NYE.
4. ER visits.
5. Breaking electronics.
6. Unwieldy + fake people.
7. ED sucks.
8. Uncertainty in the job market.
9. Financial + Medical woos.
10. Not traveling.

Ten great expectations for 2011:
1. Getting Married.
2. Becoming an Aunt. (and seeing my international born niece!)
3. Going Back to School. (Yay second Bachelors degree!)
4. Being a Wife.
5. Getting a dog?
6. Continuing to kick-a in ED defeat.
7. Traveling with my husband.
8. Creating a home out of our tiny apartment.
9. Maintaining health.
10. Being Married.