one last christmas.

There are so many lasts in life. But to every last, a first will soon follow. This Christmas marks the end of a decade, the end of an era + the end of one tradition, and the beginning of a new family. This Christmas will be our last as an unmarried couple. Next Christmas will be our first as newly weds. (only 123 more days to go! but who is counting?) Next Christmas will be our first giant smorgasbord of conglomerating/collaborating/conflicting  traditions.

This will be one last Christmas of staying up half the night snuggled with my sister.  Of course it will never ever be the last of shaking gifts to see if they sound like there is popcorn inside. My dear, that one will live on forever. One last Christmas before we begin creating our own Holiday traditions. For which I am extremely excited for. Our halls our decked. And we are eager to celebrate not only the birth of Christ, but our one year engagement “anniversary” (how many people could say/do that?)

Merry Christmas!