espresso yourself.

Any of you that have know me for a mere ten minutes, followed my blog, or passed me in the hall + could smell the espresso wafting from my pores.

Ever since our first date, coffee has been a central aspect in our lives. Mine as a barista + connoisseur and Sawyer’s as a caffeine addict. Late night study sessions over a latte. Sunday morning brunch with a cappuccino. Coffee has been a frothing point in our relationship + some of the most deep amazing, incredible conversations have brewed over these steaming cups.

So, naturally, in our wedding planning, we spent many dates brain storming with a cup by our sides. Who ever would have thought that we would incorporate it into our reception? Yeah, yeah, you saw it from a mile away.

I saw this today while browsing the – my favorite website I saw this… Yup, most definitely need to incorporate this into our centerpieces!!!

Oh, and one of my super sweet bridesmaids – Amy – totally made me cackle with her pitch on favors!