Ethiopia. In the year 2003

I always thought that by my mid-twenties I would have outdone my mother in world travel. Well, I was wrong. This morning my mother boarded a flight for Ethiopia, and into a time warp. In 21 hours she will be arriving on New Years Day of 2003. Its flabbergasting isn’t? Seven years + 9 1/2 months in the behind the majority of the world?

So, with keen interest I googled + wiki’d the subject + here is what I found.  The Coptic calendar, which in turn derives from the Egyptian calendar, adds a leap day every four years without exception, and begins the year on August 29 or August 30 in the Julian calendar. A seven- to eight-year gap between the Ethiopian and Gregorian calendars results from alternate calculations in determining the date of the Annunciation of Jesus. The difference between the Ethiopic and Coptic is 276 years. In spite of this, the Ethiopic Calendar is closely associated with the rules and the different calculations influenced by the Coptic Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

I used to have this large list of all of the place that I want to visit throughout my time here on this blessed planet. But, Well, time has changed me – and really – don’t care where I go, I just want to go. I want to explore, to fill a passport or two, and just be free, to see a need + fill it. To go anywhere _ everywhere I can. Im due time I am sure, but man, my heart is aching for that next stamp…

Is your mind still trying to unravel the whole 7 year time change? Yeah, I am still confused too. Hope you all have had an equally mind boggling day!