Orders. We get them everyday + we are expected to comply. We give them + we expect others to comply as well. We get them in the office from that grumpy ol’ boss, we give them to our family members, law enforcement + the rules of the road give us even more orders to follow, we get them from our doctors, in some cases + days, we even are that grumpy ol’ boss who expects everyone to comply with their orders no matter how ludicrous they may sound. Today in clinical orientation we chatted about patient advocacy, health literacy + how the two play a huge role in a patients compliance throughout a physician’s treatment plan. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that orders are 99.9% not fun to follow, but having worked in the field + having been a patient, I also can tell you that they are quite crucial to follow. Statistics show that approximately 80% of the information that a physician gives to a patient is not retained within 20 minutes of leaving their office. Depressing isn’t it? What’s even more depressing is all the “yep’s”, “nope’s”, “uhuh’s”+ “totally’s” we receive in health care, when we ask “do yo have any questions?” Easy right? Embarrassing? Sometimes. Ok, most of the time. But we seriously, as medical staff get so caught up in our treatment plans that we don’t take time to be positive that the “orders” were even understood.

So what does any of this have to do with being compliant? Well, everything. If you can’t understand, or you don’t remember how on earth are you going to be able to advocate for your own care, or be able to comply with the prescribed treatment plan?

When I saw this video, I was drawn back. Ok, I giggled alot {ALOT alot}. But then, I started researching about mis-informed non-compliance. And I found out alot of other crazy, doubled over, rolling on the floor hilarious incidents. Oh, man did I. OK, so the point of my crazy ramble. Medical staff, please do your best to inform your patients, explain procedures, be sure they understand,+ make sure questions are answered.

*le sigh* {cackle}