checking in.

Sorry to disappoint, in lieu of an actual blog post – I will leave you with a photo of my friend Kristyn’s crazy adorable baby boy/Richard Simmons impersonator. America, watch out for this little kickboxer┬áto be coming to your television screens some day in the near future.

I am still around, I promise. I am not taking a sabbatical, a hiatus, a vacation (although it would be very nice…). I am still here, mending the inner workings of this site – and pondering the ideas + meanings of what it has been, and what it will become. I am currently insanely (wait, haven’t I always been?) busy with work, wedding planning, photo editing, enjoying the summer+ the company of dear friends, …………. and attempting to complete the 25 blog post drafts + 37 ideas that are currently on the backburner. I promise, I will be back soon.

Grace + Peace