polka dots + stripes.

I have major bridal obsession going on right now… The other day I was amidst my weekly Target wandering, having no real purpose in a search I delved into the party isles. Boring – next isle. Lame – next isle. OMG. These beaut’s popped right out at me from the clearance rack. Oh, how gorgeous + perfectly matching our shade of green, are you, amazing emerald polka dot napkins… you must come home with me…  my heart stopped short when they only had 5 packages… equaling 100 napkins… A bit short of what we would need for a cocktail hour of 175 guests… boo. double boo. I ran to the register, snarling to protect my loot, determined to find more, I picked up the latest bridal magazine and began the mad dash to every Target in town, to no avail. Maybe we’ll just have to use them for a shower/party instead of the hors d’oeuvres hour…

Saddened, I grabbed an amazing, amazing I tell you – raspberry passion tea lemonade {starbucks}, to lift my spirits + I began flipping through the pages, whilst sipping my tea. And I stumbled upon these uber cool paper straws… And well… I really want, nay, need them! Wouldn’t they be amazing garnishing a Manhattan? Not only are they super chic – they are on esty.com + purchases support indie markets!

The question/poll I pose is…
***Do the stripes + polka dots:

A. Clash
B. Look retro
C. Are uber awesome + Kate needs to get them both?