kate: 0 snake: 1.

See object “A” when met with object “B”; object “B” always wins. Insert backstory. See those adorable canvas mary jane’s in object “A”? Well, they are were 10 days old, and quickly took over my spot as “favorite shoe”. Well, yesterday morning, I put on my favorite shoes as I got ready for work. Little did I know that my boss was going to send me with my clients on an outing today. Going hiking. Thankfully we were just hiking up to Timpanogas Cave – a 1.5 mile paved (but quite steep) trail – for which I was thankful. However, I was very upset in myself that I had managed to take my pair of sneakers out of my car last week. Boo. Double boo. The weather, however was wonderful (for once) and being in the cave felt fabulous after the hike up. The kids were great the entire time (I was amazed!). On the way down the mountain however, was a whole different story. About halfway down the mountain, my shoes started irritating my feet + I was quite sure there were more rocks in my shoes, than on the hill itself. So, I took off my right shoe + shook the rocks out. As I did the same with my left, I heard a rattle. Out the corner of my eye I see object “B”. A rattlesnake about 3 feet off of the trail. So what do I do? My blonde brain kicks in + instead of moving along the trail, I throw the shoe to create a distraction + book it… smart. Now we have a pissed off rattlesnake + a shoe ten feet off of the trail with a pissed of rattlesnake blocking my path to retrieve it.

Guess who got to hike down the rest of the trail bare feet….

kate: 0 snake: 1