the afterlife.

What happened, happened.

Its been six years since the “survivors” of Oceanic 815 crash landed into our lives. Each week 11million viewers have been glued to their TV screens every Tuesday night. Last night (see how long its takes me to finish a post? its Friday now), they have made their last goodbyes. And instantly an insatiable urge to continually watch the series over-and-over-and-over again until the DVD’s wear out, began. I have to confess, I was not a die-hard LOSTie from the beginning… I watched the very first episodes + well, needless to say, I was LOST. However, since the beginning of season 4, LOST has consumed me. I became addicted. I sat down + breezed my way through the DVD collections + well, I was still lost. But I also was addicted. Each Tuesday night @ 9pm I would begin to count the hours until it aired again – which is 166 hours. I became a LOSTie.
The Lost Supper

An era is over. LOST has ended. For many the finale brought resolution. For others it brought many more questions. Needless to say, I was very unfulfilled… But don’t get me started on that, because I could rant + rave for hours on end that would probably make any LOST lover (and dear friend) probably hate my guts for ever saying I enjoyed the show. Which, yes. I do. I LOVE LOST. I love it. However, I believe that the LOST masterminds (Lindelof, Cuse, + Abrams) could have done better. However, I am surely glad that they didn’t pull a St. Elsewhere + make it all Hurley’s dream while in the institution. If you are any bit like me, the finale left you scratching your head + wondering “what the fudgesicles happened?”. And what was with the airplane alone on the beach just added a whole hatch full of questions.

~When did the characters die? And, HOW did they die?

~Why was Penny in the Church? When did she die?

~Why didn’t Ben enter the church, is he really not dead?

~Why weren’t Micheal, Eko, Walt, or Ana Lucia in the church? (or Charolette, Faraday, Miles, Eloise…)

~How was Desmond able survive the electromagnetism?

~Why were most of the characters names different in the “altverse”?

~Why did Ben steal “Henry Gale’s” identity?

~Why did “The Others” refer to themselves as “The Good Guys”

~Why was contact with the outside world strictly forbidden?

~Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot + Eko… but never became them?

~Why did the statue only have 4 toes?

~What is “The Sickness?” & Was that the reason for the “quarantine”?

~What do each of the numbers in “The Sequence” mean? (4 8 15 16 23 42)

(Yeah, there will be an entire blog post just about what I know about them)

LOST you surely will be missed… and replayed over-and-over-and-over again.

But let us all heed Christian Shephard’s advise: Remember, and move on.

See you in another life, Brotha.