Wow. I can not believe I really haven’t posted since the 21st. I guess this just re-affirms my inconsistency that I referred to in this post. Life has been all over the place over the past two-and-a-half weeks + I am soooooo behind on pretty much everything. I recently started a new job as a CNA/Mental Health Associate at a youth residential treatment facility. I love it. I finished my training period as of this past friday + have now become a full fledged (or as my client’s say) “real staff.” They are a fun group, well, except when they want to physically harm you… then… well it’s a different story. Nine days ago all of the “trainees” were subjected to a day of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training. And, man, our trainer sure gave us a run for our money by “giving us the closest to real experience” meaning, many of us walked away with bruised + a few with bloody noses. However, we all came back the next day, so I guess, we weren’t too emotionally scarred or traumatized.

Secondly, SAWYER GRADUATED!!! Can I hear a woot woot?! This Friday, Sawyer graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communication + Computer Science! On Monday, that same sweet man will be starting as a full time employee at the company he has been interning at since August! I am sooooooo proud of him. (:

Wedding planning has literally, not happened since the last update due to the mass hysteria in our lives but will be jumping back on track over the next few days. We will keep you updated!

much love,