walk. bike. run.

Illness. Disease. Cancer. Death. We’ve all faced it, in some way or another; we know someone affected by it, and in some cases – we are the victims of it. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of these crimes against life are not always known. Nor, can they be apprehended like that of a criminal. These perpetrators of the human mainframe attack, some times quickly, and other times they come and go painfully for years. These diseases kill hundreds each day, and many times, us medical personelle are entirely powerless to stop it.

But we can change that. By participating in these walks, not only are we raising awareness, we are working together to raise funds for the research community to investigate the causes, the strains, and one day – the cure for these heartbreaking diagnosis’.

Each day we walk, we talk to our cars to go to work. We walk to get our morning coffee. We walk to get out midmorning coffee. We walk to get our afternoon coffee. We walk to get our lunch, to grab the phone, to talk on the phone, to get a fax, to go to the restroom. We walk to get to our cars that will hopefully lead us back home in one piece safely in the arms of our loving families. We walk to get the remote for the tele. We walk to put our kids to bed. Heck… somedays we even walk to get our evening coffee…. Each day, the average human walks 2 miles per day – and most of the time its for mindless tasks. What if… we took those 2 miles and made them count?

What if, something as simple as taking a walk, going for a run, or even riding your bike could help track down these killers?

What if we took that hour you spend on the couch on Saturday morning snuggled with your children, watching Dora + taught them the value of helping another person. Many people think of volunteering, petitioning, lobbying, or mearly being involved in an interest group will devour your time. And yes, it can… but what if time is not something you have much of? But you want to make a difference, you want to help, you want to give hope, but you just don’t know where to get started. Here is were you can get started, give up 2-3 hours of a Saturday morning with the family and go walk, bike, or run for an organization that you support. This year I will be walking in the MS walk, the March of Dimes, the Race for the Cure + the Recovery Run… and you all should join me!

So, whatever you do, whether you bike, you run, you push a stroller, our you just like to walk in the fresh air, here are some great events that not only help the community, but help yourself {I can hear that bag of chips crunching as your reading this…}! I have a team signed up for each of these {in Utah, except for the bike race – but I know people who can get ya hooked up!}, If you would like to join my team shoot me an email at allegri{at}andkate{dot}org! (:

MS walk + MS bike race
March of Dimes
Susan Komen – Race for the Cure
Recovery Run