it’s a god thing.

God is faithful. God provides.

1.2.3 – stirkes? homeruns? And your out? Or is it a good thing? I really know nothing about baseball… but one word: wow. That’s all I got to describe this week. God is awesome. God has really done so much in my life this week that really lined up alot of great things to come.

educationally. I took my state exams for my cerification as a Nursing Assistant, I was so incredibly stressed for these (two tests: skills + written) + this past week God eased away my anxiety. And honesty, just not being sickly anxious over them was a miracle within itself. I am about 95% confident that I passed the exams, but I will find out sometime within the next week.
financially. I had a job interview on Wednesday for a job I had been eyeing for quite some time, the position is a CNA at a crisis center for teens. I went into the interview nervous (who is ever really calm for an interview, anyways?), but God started laying out the domino’s as I walked into the room. I sat down with the interviewer as he pulls out my resume from the stack of other applicants, I could already feel my self sweating in the chilly room. Here’s the dialouge:

interviewer: Oh, you are the one that graduated from ICS.
me: Yes, that is me.
interviewer: I love that school. I used to go to church up in that same building.
me: {baffled} I as well.
interviewer: I thats awesome, I switched churches when a few friends of mine decided to take part in a West Jordan church plant, Lifeline Community. Heard of it?
me: Yes, I have, I worked a few services in their nursery when they rented out the Jordan Landing Cinema. My really good friends Eric + Carla go there, I used to babysit for them all the time.
interviewer: Seriously? They are my best friends. If I may ask, which church do you go to now?
me: Capital Church, up  by the University.
interviewer: Oh,  thats right, I remember reading in your resume you work up there too. That’s awesome.
me: Yes, I love it up there.
interviewer: I just referred some friends of mine up there.  I love their pastor’s family.
interviewer:{flips through my resume} Actually, I know a few of your reffrences personally.
me: Seriously? Wow, small Christian community.
interviewer: If HR let me hire during interviews I would hire you right now, but, I will call you on Friday with a job offer. God bless!

Wow. God, how could your hands not be ALL OVER that one? ps. you rock!! I got the call + I got it! (yay for a job that requires both of my degrees!)

medically. This week was a big one medically, and it went really really well. For the first time in a looong time this babe has gaing x lbs + kept it on for 1 whole  month!!! … don’t judge me, its an accomplishment. Also, I had another EKG, and this time – it was spectacular! Peace out T-wave abnormality + potassium depletion evilness! My very proud doctors gave me my exercise back too! And, I don’t have to come back for 2 whole months, not this every 2 weeks dealio that I have lived with for the past 3 months. Which is crazy awesome, I mean, I have been there sooo often that my sweet MA knows more about my personal life than I think I do… each time she asks me about my wedding plans.

In honor of my accomplishments, I am going to eat this delishness! (:

(Judy – orange cream cookie from My Dough Girl – best cookies in the SL Valley. Hands Down!)