break’n down

This week has been crazy with a capital “C”. We have feel in love with locations, we have been disappointed by locations, we have gathered more ideas for locations. We have worked on the budget break down. We have worked on the small detail breakdowns – from “to do” lists, to beginning guest lists, to every single question we could think of to grill a wedding planner. We have broken down dates of conflicts between family + peers. We have emotionally broken down.

This past week, we have looked into + at The Point @ Huntsman, Heritage Gardens, Red Butte Gardens, Thanksgiving Point,. + The Depot. Every place has their pros + cons – some completely outweighing the others + some very medial ones. We’ve analyzed dates, the pro’s and con’s of waiting further (kill me now) or sticking with our predetermined date (most likely). We’ve tracked down every family members academic calendar for the 2010-2011 school year… Part of me is ready to throw in the towel + say “city hall it is!” which I know I will regret forever. I know it. But man, is every couples wedding planning this emotionally draining?

In the middle of all of my stress Sawyer’s ever-so-sweet ocd accountant sister-in-law sent me the most amazing-est extreme ocd excel file that didn’t even compare to anything I had previously created. Man, E – sweets, you are a lifesaver + really should try to market that spreadsheet!

Seriously, this is the spreadsheet that makes dweebus ocd  excel goddesses drool. It, honestly, puts every other spreadsheet in my life to shame. Yep, that amazing. It sure brightened my day/week/month/life to receive…

Well… Until next time… thanks for stopping by for another webisode in the adventures of wedding planning.

Stay classy San Diego Salt Lake City.