Apr 21 2010

in the market for some new skin.

Remember that Saved By The Bell episode, when Zack + Screech are goofing off in their Chemistry class, and create this new fad of acne cream? Incidentally, cream is surprisingly effective, but it just so happens to also turn the skin maroon in the areas it has been applied? (Its season 1; episode 8 – for those frantically searching for the clip). Well… I sorta feel like that is my life at the moment… Except some cute guys that filled my tv screen for most of my childhood did not “create” the cream – though I sure wouldn’t doubt that a highschooler was the one that did. Recently, my pathetic skin has decided to rejoin the highschool crowd + have more acne than that 16year old girl that sat in the back of classroom + eats her own hair… Sorry… bad mental image I know… A few months back, I called up my doctor + they put me on a course of antibiotics to “kill the bacteria” ew… 2 months later – still doesn’t work. I go in again + my doctor not only changes my antibiotic, but adds a acne facial gel tazorac. Its been 12 days + my skin has been reduced to this:

Yikes… sooo utterly painful to move my head or even apply the massive amounts of lotion in attempt to heal… blah. I give up…  I look like I have leprosy, or have been in some horrible tragic accident. Who wants to lend me some cash to go have a skin transplant…

Apr 20 2010

starting now.

image from blog.beliefnet.comThis one was not already on the “goals + aspirations” list, but I am making the executive order to add it post-haste; mainly because it’s a massive pet peeve I have about myself… To become a kick-a email corresponder… yes, you read it correctly… I am going to reallyreallyreally work on my email correspondence with the 30+ people I speak to mainly via this medium… I am terrible at it. I adore the “starred” label in gmail… it had became my best friend over the past year. I luuuuuuurves it… but the whole process of flagging it + putting it into a folder of “I will respond to these” becomes a “whoops, 69…14 days have passed + I still need to email this folks back” folder. And its completely unintentional. Its quite pathetic actually… for the amount of time that I spend on a computer daily, I really don’t have much of an excuse other than “it slipped my mind”. Terrible. And for that I owe all of you an apology that have/are currently awaiting replies from me…

Along with this, I am going to get so much better at being a “home-away-from-home” friend with all of my buddies who have either moved away, are traveling overseas, or just are next to impossible to make schedules collide… I have so many people that I would adore to be able to have near day to day contact with… specifically my dearest L ,over in Hong Kong – her emails brighten my days + make me giggle like a 14 year old schoolgirl. And C, all the way over in Honolulu – I really have dropped the ball on responding to her email… 4 days ago… haha… As well as my dearest S, who abandoned the America’s to date some hot guy with a killer Aussie accent… ok,ok, she didn’t move over there for that… but it ended up happening… And I really miss hearing all about her adventures down under.

I can’t even remember the last time I sat down to write a letter with paper + pen…

Apr 19 2010

break’n down

This week has been crazy with a capital “C”. We have feel in love with locations, we have been disappointed by locations, we have gathered more ideas for locations. We have worked on the budget break down. We have worked on the small detail breakdowns – from “to do” lists, to beginning guest lists, to every single question we could think of to grill a wedding planner. We have broken down dates of conflicts between family + peers. We have emotionally broken down.

This past week, we have looked into + at The Point @ Huntsman, Heritage Gardens, Red Butte Gardens, Thanksgiving Point,. + The Depot. Every place has their pros + cons – some completely outweighing the others + some very medial ones. We’ve analyzed dates, the pro’s and con’s of waiting further (kill me now) or sticking with our predetermined date (most likely). We’ve tracked down every family members academic calendar for the 2010-2011 school year… Part of me is ready to throw in the towel + say “city hall it is!” which I know I will regret forever. I know it. But man, is every couples wedding planning this emotionally draining?

In the middle of all of my stress Sawyer’s ever-so-sweet ocd accountant sister-in-law sent me the most amazing-est extreme ocd excel file that didn’t even compare to anything I had previously created. Man, E – sweets, you are a lifesaver + really should try to market that spreadsheet!

Seriously, this is the spreadsheet that makes dweebus ocd  excel goddesses drool. It, honestly, puts every other spreadsheet in my life to shame. Yep, that amazing. It sure brightened my day/week/month/life to receive…

Well… Until next time… thanks for stopping by for another webisode in the adventures of wedding planning.

Stay classy San Diego Salt Lake City.

Apr 15 2010

consistently inconsistent.

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the wedding. I have to face (and confess) it at some point – I am not a very consistent person, as a rule. I know I’m given to spurts of blogginess, but really, it shouldn’t surprise you when you see 3 blog posts in a day, or even when a month has gone by and I haven’t blogged a peep. Which is odd for me in some sense, because I am usually* (disclaimer) highly consistent in everything else in my life – I live on a schedule, a very scattered one albeit, but a structured schedule, the majority of the time doing the same thing, the same days, every week, month, moon cycle, year… etc, whatever. You get the point? My office is immaculate, everything has its place + if its moved, I can spot it from a mile away. My office is completely sprayed down with lysol when I come in for the morning + when I leave for the afternoon. I always do my laundry on Mondays, but somehow it never really makes its way to my closet, and ends up sitting in the basket until next Monday rolls around… and you all can guess where it goes then. My room tends to be a disaster zone relating something to that of the aftermath of Katrina or 9/11, well at least the 2 feet surrounding the end of my bed + my nightstand of course. I guess, OCD (or CDO – compulsive disorders of obsessions – for those who just cant stand the letters being out of order) just doesn’t mix well with ADD… or a busy life.

Do you relate? … or are you one of those consistent/disciplined/organized people? If so, kudos to you. I can’t relate to you, but kudos.

Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah… Wedding plans, before you so rudely sidetracked me ADD…Today, well I guess its yesterday now – Sawyer, my mum + I went to scope out one of our venue options. And needless to say, it left me a little discouraged. We asembled a list of the pro’s + con’s… The con’s (in my mind) seem to outweigh the pro’s of this location. *le sigh* But it is just so beautiful in some areas… where in others it feels a bit… dare I say, tacky?

After having some yummy (BOGO) jamba’s with my mum, I really started to re-analyze the situation… and well, I am still feeling a bit down in the dumps because the place just didn’t scream at me “THIS IS THE VENUE”… should it though? blah. We have a few more places still to look, but please be praying that God will speak a voice of peace + reason in this stressful time of planning. Part of me is aching to just accept the five grand from my dad + get hitched at city hall + making a mad dash to Mexico…


Apr 10 2010

it’s a god thing.

God is faithful. God provides.

1.2.3 – stirkes? homeruns? And your out? Or is it a good thing? I really know nothing about baseball… but one word: wow. That’s all I got to describe this week. God is awesome. God has really done so much in my life this week that really lined up alot of great things to come.

educationally. I took my state exams for my cerification as a Nursing Assistant, I was so incredibly stressed for these (two tests: skills + written) + this past week God eased away my anxiety. And honesty, just not being sickly anxious over them was a miracle within itself. I am about 95% confident that I passed the exams, but I will find out sometime within the next week.
financially. I had a job interview on Wednesday for a job I had been eyeing for quite some time, the position is a CNA at a crisis center for teens. I went into the interview nervous (who is ever really calm for an interview, anyways?), but God started laying out the domino’s as I walked into the room. I sat down with the interviewer as he pulls out my resume from the stack of other applicants, I could already feel my self sweating in the chilly room. Here’s the dialouge:

interviewer: Oh, you are the one that graduated from ICS.
me: Yes, that is me.
interviewer: I love that school. I used to go to church up in that same building.
me: {baffled} I as well.
interviewer: I thats awesome, I switched churches when a few friends of mine decided to take part in a West Jordan church plant, Lifeline Community. Heard of it?
me: Yes, I have, I worked a few services in their nursery when they rented out the Jordan Landing Cinema. My really good friends Eric + Carla go there, I used to babysit for them all the time.
interviewer: Seriously? They are my best friends. If I may ask, which church do you go to now?
me: Capital Church, up  by the University.
interviewer: Oh,  thats right, I remember reading in your resume you work up there too. That’s awesome.
me: Yes, I love it up there.
interviewer: I just referred some friends of mine up there.  I love their pastor’s family.
interviewer:{flips through my resume} Actually, I know a few of your reffrences personally.
me: Seriously? Wow, small Christian community.
interviewer: If HR let me hire during interviews I would hire you right now, but, I will call you on Friday with a job offer. God bless!

Wow. God, how could your hands not be ALL OVER that one? ps. you rock!! I got the call + I got it! (yay for a job that requires both of my degrees!)

medically. This week was a big one medically, and it went really really well. For the first time in a looong time this babe has gaing x lbs + kept it on for 1 whole  month!!! … don’t judge me, its an accomplishment. Also, I had another EKG, and this time – it was spectacular! Peace out T-wave abnormality + potassium depletion evilness! My very proud doctors gave me my exercise back too! And, I don’t have to come back for 2 whole months, not this every 2 weeks dealio that I have lived with for the past 3 months. Which is crazy awesome, I mean, I have been there sooo often that my sweet MA knows more about my personal life than I think I do… each time she asks me about my wedding plans.

In honor of my accomplishments, I am going to eat this delishness! (:

(Judy – orange cream cookie from My Dough Girl – best cookies in the SL Valley. Hands Down!)