there + back again.

It seems like it has been forever since I last posted, but, amazingly, its only been a week. Time sure seems to fly a lot faster when your having fun! Or sitting in bed sick (but that’s a whole other story there!). Bleh. As this year was Sawyer’s last (woo hoo!) University Spring Break, we decided take a road trip to Nevada to celebrate.

After what seemed like ages… we arrived in dearest Clark County, Nevada + our real journey had just began.

We had lots of fun for the few days that we were out there. We spent lots of time in the wonderfully warm spring sun. We experienced all sorts of new, fun, exciting + things for each person, including Kobe beef (sooo yummy!)… ice lounges… harassed by LVPD for photographs… rock climbing in Red Rocks. Here are some photo’s from the trip!