off the list.

Today was a was a highly productive + positive day. Yay. I really really needed today.

I got to spend the morning with sweet little C, and because the weather was absolutely a-mazing; I popped her into the baby bjorn + we went for a 3.5 mile walk. Even though it was only 51* outside, little C was a bundle of warmth and she sure had me sweatin’ by the halfway point! Hoping tomorrow is just as nice + we can do it again tomorrow!

In continuation of celebrating the amazing outdoors, Sawyer + I had lunch at Liberty Park; yummy greek. We spent the early afternoon wandering around the park watching little kids feed the ducks + geese; puppies playing; bands practicing; homeless people sleeping.

Sawyer + I then went up to check out a possible wedding location; The Point at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. We had the pleasure of being able to meet the site’s event coordinator + have some questions answered, however as soon as we returned home – more questions came to mind! I really like the location + as a major plus the money goes back to a great cause – cancer research! It’s definitely still on the list of places we really like. We are planning on bringing our mothers up there soon to go on a tour + meet with the planner.

“Hike” to the University of Utah “U”

Today we took the opportunity of having the afternoon free + decided that we were going to finally hike to the “U”. Well, needless to say, it was alot less of a hike than I had expected. As in it was a paved road that leads up to about 20 meters away from the actual “U”, and then its just a partially eroded 70% grade climb for 20 meters to the top… but hey! Its completed + we did it!