lay me down.

A few months ago I stumbled upon the blogs of Shey + Angie. Blogs that I soon became utterly obsessed with reading. These two lovely ladies blogged their emotional roller-coaster of pregnancies they each had. Each post was filled with; love, fear, pain, sorrow, faith, grief, hope, surrender, agony, ¬†grace, confusion, despair, + eventually, loss. These two wonderful ladies began their journey’s with the joy + excitement of the life that was growing inside of them, unfortunately both of these ladies had the same dire ending, that left them leaving the hospital with an empty car-seat + coming home to a house with an empty crib. The faith, hope and love that these amazing women (and their families) faced throughout their pregnancies rivals that, that moves mountains. Both Shey + Angie went in for their midterm check ups, and left with dire news, their babies were unlikely to survive full term, yet alone outside of the protective shell of the uterus.

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“Imagine a photo shoot where each moment is a last moment, where there will be no second takes, where what you’re doing means everything.” -NILMDTS

Lately, Sawyer has been talking about how he would love to become a photographer for the non-profit organization “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep“. This organization works with families who’s babies have fatal diagnosis’; families who’s first moments with their infant are tragically also their last. The death of an infant happens more than anybody cares to talk about, but for so many people its real. The goal of this organization is to gather a pool of professional photographers who donate their time + talents to capture a moment families will never be able to recreate.